can breast milk be microwaved .Decoys.Like.Curves. 2 kids; Georgia 874 posts
Oct 8th '09

ok so after i have the baby i plan to breast feed, well i go back to work january first, well i am getting a breast pump so my SO can feed the baby while i work. so can it be heated in the micro wave or how should it be done?

Meep California 18611 posts
Oct 8th '09

It's not recommended. Just put it under hot tap water.

*Lolo* Due October 6; 5 kids; Belvidere, Illinois 5591 posts
Oct 8th '09

run it under hot water.
microwaving kills the good stuff

Sarah&Aeson 1 child; Kansas 2772 posts
Oct 8th '09

no just store it in bags or bottle and run under warm water.

*-* 2 kids; New Jersey 2712 posts
Oct 8th '09

no, the microwaves kills all the goodness of it.

hot water will warm it up.

BBBBB 1 child; Ivyland, Pennsylvania 2766 posts
Oct 8th '09

leave it out for a half hour or so it will be room temp. Or heat a glass cup of water in the micorwave & then stick the bottle in that

Monkey Man's Momma 17 kids; Pennsylvania 1495 posts
Oct 8th '09

I wouldn't put it in the microwave because it can create hot spots. Instead, use either a bottle warmer, or run it under hot/warm water to heat it!

♥ my Sugar Monster Due March 7 (boy); 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Oregon 6036 posts
Oct 8th '09

Heat it in it's bottle either under the tap, or put hot water in a cup and put the bottle in the cup to warm. The fat in breast milk can get too hot in the microwave..

Gabriel & Halo's Mommy 2 kids; Texas 5635 posts
Oct 8th '09

nooo don't microwave! it kills all the nutrients. put in it the bags and then if it's frozen, run it under hot water until it's warm enough...

Robin+3 3 kids; Arizona 12204 posts
Oct 8th '09

I dont think it is.. I think the best way to do it is to get like a bowl or glass of warm water and put the milk bag/container in it to thaw.. Thats how I did it.. Worked fine..

♥Danielle+3♥ 3 kids; Oregon 52371 posts
Oct 8th '09

nope. i put a mug of water in the microwave though and then once it was done put the bag of milk in there to sit and defrost/warm

Mone™ Due July 12 (girl); 2 kids; Washington, DC, United States 5492 posts
Oct 8th '09

I dont think you want to microwave it... store it in a heatable bag or bottle and probably put it in a pot of hot water and warm it up on the stove

.Decoys.Like.Curves. 2 kids; Georgia 874 posts
Oct 8th '09

Ok sweet! thanks ladies, i just didnt want to do it wrong. this helped me lots! :D

Karissa♥ 1 child; Windham, Vt, United States 926 posts
Oct 11th '09
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