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Oct 2nd '09
Quoting YANA`S MAMY x3:
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Oct 2nd '09
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Apr 21st '10

My Son is 1/4 black.. I am white with blonde hair and green eyes and his father is 1/2 black with green eyes.. my son looks white.. we even had to go to court to prove he was the father because my son has blonde hair and blue eyes...imagejpeg_3.jpgDSC00403.jpgSANY0281-1.jpg

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Nov 4th '11

im 3/4s white and 1/4 black my moms mixed and my dads white and honestly i look more white than black but there are features you can def tell the differnce though<a href=2wdziwo.jpg" />

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Nov 4th '11
Quoting YANA`S MAMY x3:" like a 1% chance , her daddy would have to be reallllllly dark lol because the baby is considered white since it's only a quarter black lol"

As soon as I read this, I thought of the episode of Psych when Shawn wanted to join a harmony group with three black guys and name it Quarter Black. LOL

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Nov 4th '11

My hubby is 3/4 black and 1/4 white. (People say he looks mexican though lol) And obviously I'm as white as white can be. lol

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Jun 30th '12

I'm white with hazel eyes and medium brown hair, and the father of my baby girl is mixed, black and white. He looks Dominican, or Puerto Rican, he's pretty dark, not black though, with black course hair and dark brown eyes. So my daughter (2 months old) who is 3/4 white and 1/4 black has a lot a very light brown hair, dark blue/gray eyes, which probably will change because she is so young, and has white skin, she looks like an all white baby, you could never tell her father is biracial. She's not ghostly white, she has a bit of an olive tone to it, like me, but definitely not fair-skinned. Her hair is straight as can be when it's dry, but when it gets wet, it curls up. And I don't even have curls...So, yeah her baby could look completely white.550739_238250292960893_1541473678_n.jpg