rubberduck_smith 2 kids; Elizabeth City, North Carolina 295 posts
Apr 23rd '12

i worked in a prison for 5 years- i wouldnt want to bring my baby to a prison. while the plus side suggests that you and your baby should be safe- you are in a room full of people whose job is to protect you and your baby! at the same time, i have seen extremly calm visits turn horribly wrong in a flash! face the reality, these men are not in prison as a reward retreat for selling the most girl scout cookies. they obviously have their issues. besides the immediate threat, a prison is full of germs!! colds, flus, viruses go through those places at break neck speed! the prisons are cleaned daily, but not always disinfected! that by itself would keep my little baby out! but i can understand you wanting the baby to see its daddy. good luck to you and your family!

MissNique Lee Due April 28 (boy); Oregon 33 posts
Apr 26th '12

My bd aka bf is locked up, my bby will see him, but it won't b till September n he'll b over 5months, since i live n another state. BUT y take ur child to see ur ex?? It's not his child n if i was the bd n found out, i would kick ur ass for takin my child to see another man. But even if the bd isn't n ur child's life, its still wrong to take ur child to see n ex n prison, ijs!