Tonya Cline Iowa 2 posts
Aug 24th '10
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Tonya Cline Iowa 2 posts
Aug 24th '10

I have had the Mirena in for about 2 years, 14 months ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I've also read online that another woman got thyroid cancer with the mirena. NO cancers run in my family and never have. I now have had thyroid and lymphnode cancer 3 times in the last 14 months and am still fighting it. I just learned it could be from this mirena. I am getting it taken out Immediately. I've also had dizziness, massive headaches, acne, and many more of the affects that I thought were just from getting old or menopause (Im 41.). I'm definitely in if we can file a lawsuit against the makers of Mirena and I am filing a lawsuit against my ob/gyn for telling me that the mirena had NO hormones and was totally safe!!! He told me no side affects whatsoever! hmfphhhh!

Megan Nevins Due October 28 (girl); New York 1 posts
Aug 29th '10
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Alcira Wells USA 1 posts
Sep 29th '10

helpful link to a claim

Gria Tolliver Georgia 1 posts
Oct 8th '10

Have you had your doctor check you for graves disease? I have been diagnosed with this AFTER only having mirana for 3 months! I had all the same symptoms as you. I also have a cyst and the miriana is embedded in my uterus. I think it's funny how they changed their commercial all of a sudden. I was a perfectly healthy woman until i got it, now i am so many health issues.

Erica Cunningham 2 kids; South Roxana, Illinois 11 posts
Oct 8th '10

I have had the mirena for almost 2 years and i have not had a period sence i got it... it had kinda scared me for a while now.. the only time i have anything like a period is when i have sex with my husband he says he dont feel the string anymore.. Now as for nething that could be side affects
im always mad
wanting to eat all the time
when im sleeping i dont want to wake up but whn its time for me to go to bed i cant sleep
i crave foods all day long
i feel like im pregnant all over again but when i take a hpt it says neg so i dont know i have not been to the doctor cause i lost my doctor from switching from med car to harmony i just hope eveything is ok

A.Cobb USA 1 posts
Oct 22nd '10

I have had the Mirena for about a year and half now and what is scary is I have had just about every side effect that you have shown.. Thank you so much I have been thing that I have just went crazy.

MissJoey TTC since Aug 2010; 1 child; Orlando, Florida 1 posts
Nov 21st '10

I had the Mirena in for 5.5 years and had absolutely no problems when it was in. A little over a month after I had it removed is when the problems began. I've been bleeding since October 15. I've had a normal ultra sound and normal blood work. I've taken birth control pills to try to stop the bleeding and a little over a week ago I got the depo provera shot to stop the bleeding as well. So far, nothing has worked. It's quite saddening because now my fiancee and I are wondering if we'll be able to have kids.:(

*~*Tabbie*~*MFH*~*x2 2 kids; Kentucky 3239 posts
Nov 26th '10

I wish I would of seen this before having my Mirena removed, I had it for 21 months, and Just had it removed a week ago! Well The ENTIRE time I had it, I had horrible chest pains, like anxiety, and since it was removed I have had nothing! I tried to talk to my DR about it but it never really got brought back up!!

Jennifer McNabb Texas 2 posts
Dec 4th '10
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Aliea Brown Mississippi 1 posts
Dec 7th '10

I have an Attorney in Oxford, MS. I live in Southaven, MS.

He is actively seeking cases against BAYER, the makers of Mirena. He wants people like me who had perforation, embedment, and or side effects NOT LISTED on Mirena's list.

I had my Mirena inserted November 2008. It perforated my uterus and is migrating around my abdomen slowly. I have xrays and CT scans to prove it.

Please contact me to discuss your symptoms. Mr Chiniche wants -real- cases against BAYER and not a Doctor. He believes like I do, perforation is NOT less that 1%. It's much higher and BAYER needs to take responsibility.

Contact A Brown:

Jun 7th '11

I too had the mirena in for 8 months and it caused so much pain and problems and I almost lost my relationship to it, along with becoming pregnant on it, had I not of went in to have it removed so I could get pregnant the doctor preceeded in telling me I was pregnant! I found a lawfirm that is taking on a lawsuit against them. Here is the : website

Ronda Glantz California 1 posts
Aug 13th '11

I had the Mirena 4 months and it started out with all the normal side effects but within a month I was calling my doctor about the constant heavy bleeding. I went into the ER after having it for 3 months and they told me I had 3 types of infections. When I went for my follow up still bleeding heavily for the 4 month I found out I had pelvic Inflammatory Disease and had it taken out. During my follow up I had 3 pregnancy tests done and every one came out positive my doctor figured they were inconclusive until I noticed an object in my pad the next morning. I'm currently waiting to know the extent of the damage but I encourage all women considering to think twice first because this could happen to anyone of you.

StillTrying Texas 2 posts
Sep 13th '11

This is great. The Mirena, I feel, has ruined my life. I have been trying to conceive for awhile now after having a emergency removal. I had it for a whole year and had pain the whole time. When I would go to the doctor they would blow it off. I finally got fed up and told them to check it. When the doctor took a look she found that It was digging into my uterine wall. It hurt like hell taking it out and i still have pain sometimes 8 months later. I've been stressing and worrying that I may not be able to conceive after trying to no end. I'm not really sure what to do.

Christina Pesce Due September 28; USA 1 posts
Dec 12th '11

dont forget to mention blood clots! i had mine in a year and got 2 blood clots in my lungs. i had an undiagnosed clotting disorder that interacts w/ the hormones in merena but even w/ 2 previouse babies (and obv the same hormones) i never had a clott b4 merena. they did not list clots as a side effect then but shortly after my diagnosis i checked their website again and they had put it up as if u ever had clots in the past do not use. i had asked my doc because of my mother just having a stroke and even he told me, at the time of implantation, there was no risk of clotting from merena so i trusted him....