High Uterus anyone? or strange belly? Jessops 1 child; United Kingdom 268 posts
Jul 17th '07
Well apparently mine is and I'm freaked about it. I saw my midwife today, As my 25 week antenatal check with my Dr didnt go great as our baby is measuring big for my dates. I'm 26 weeks tomorrow. So in I go and she starts feeling my belly, and sure enough baby IS measuring big. On feeling my tummy she said she was finding it hard to differentiate muscle from uterus and said if it was my uterus she was feeling then it was high for my stage of pregnancy!
Now she's said its nothing to worry about but she's going to book me in for another scan to check things out.
Her concern is not that baby might be bigger than expected, Its my uterus that concerns her.
I guess I shouldnt worry, She listened to baby on the doppler and her heartbeat was fine as was my blood pressure.

Oh one more thing..... I also asked if it was wierd that I didnt have a large round bump yet, Its kinda in two parts and just fat to be honest. She didnt say no, So now I'm a little concerned about that.

Please ladies if you can help me out with either or both subjects it'd be massively appreciated.