My butt crack hurts!!!!!!!!! Lane's Loving MaMa 1 child; Alberta 793 posts
Jul 17th '07
Okay, well its not really my butt crack, but at the top of my butt crack, like my tail bone when I move or sit down it feels bruised. Now it has spread into my hips. Am I insane, what the hell is it, I didnt fall or anything.
blondechic Germany 1221 posts
Jul 17th '07

hiya honey i can tell u what it is as ive been dieing from it my whole pregnancy!! basically where the hormones make ur bones a lil softer and your pelvis will be starting to adjust ready for birth your yail bone or coxix is also softening and it hurts like f**k!! everytime i stand up or sit awkwardly or so much as bend in the wrong direction it kills me. i have only 3 days to go tho so with any luck i might be at peace from it soon, good luck tho i can really sympathise with your pain.xx