Looky what I made (and a little kai-kai too!) Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
Sep 12th '09

I made this kawaii sweets box for Sammie!!! She LOVES it! I think its adorable x's 1000! lol
Had to show it to you ladies! I made her a kawaii lollipop bracelet, and wanted a not so ordinary box to put it in....2a0gqdf.jpg2agm7u1.jpg

the bracelet!!!

and cute Kai!

LMAO! He threw it up...and this is how it landed! Look how shocked he looks! hahahaha!ra6bl1.jpg

lolajessup 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Beaverton, Michigan 44076 posts
Sep 12th '09

awwe cute! and kai is getting so freakin big! i cant believe our kdis are almost 2!!!!

Kara Due February 4 (twins); 3 kids; Lakenheath, Na, United Kingdom 31903 posts
Sep 12th '09

Cuuuute!! You're so creative :D

*************** 66 kids; Iowa 33630 posts
Sep 12th '09

Very cute stuff!!
And lol at kai!!

Rhyan and Dean's Mama 18 kids; Delaware 15073 posts
Sep 12th '09

ummmm when did Kai become a big boy?? Was this approved by anyone???? He's still soooooooo cute!!

I love all your creations Mandi! You're so talented!

user banned 2 kids; Fort d**k, 48957 posts
Sep 12th '09

sooo cute, your so creative :)
look how handsome kai is!!!! :D

I added you to the GS thread...i got my swap buddys gift yesterday i luffff it!!! <33 thankies!

MommyFogg 2 kids; Rohnert Park, California 1223 posts
Sep 12th '09

Super cute Mandi! You are SO creative!!! And I cant believe how big Kai is now!! So handsome!!!

Strangely Stoic 2 kids; Deerfield Beach, Florida 24847 posts
Sep 12th '09


FleurDeLys 3 kids; Groton, Massachusetts 9150 posts
Sep 12th '09

Hahaha! I love the look on his face in the last picture! Super cute mama!

♥LittleWahine Due October 14 (girl); 1 child; Valencia, California 43145 posts
Sep 12th '09
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Nerea{30+} 2 kids; Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain 9224 posts
Sep 12th '09


Abcde Fghi Arizona 23108 posts
Sep 12th '09

He's already a model! Too cute! :D

MegglezC&K'smomma 2 kids; Astoria, Oregon 8460 posts
Sep 12th '09

Miss Mandi, you amaze me with your creativity.. Awesome awesome job :)
and of course Kai is a cutie pie as always, I just adore his smile :)

Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
Sep 12th '09

thank you my lovies!!! And Kai says thanks too!

Im about to upload pics off my craftyness today!!! I cant wait to show you guys all ive done today!!!...cuuuuuute!

Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
Sep 12th '09
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