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powder formula vs liquid formula La_TeniHerreraX3 1 child; Henderson, Nevada 31 posts
Sep 9th '09

between powder and pre mixedliquid formula which one did u ladies find was better, more filling, most convenient, and the most easy and satisfying for you and your baby? because i got this milk powder despensor that has 3 slots for the powder formula to go into. and i was told just to bring that, bottles of water and your babys bottle in your diaper bag. and your set for easy bottle making on the go. but now im hearing that the liquid formula is more convenient. dont you always have to heat those up though because once you open the liquid bottle you have to refrigerate it. what if im not around some where to heat it up? cani feed my baby both powder and liquid or is it best to just stick with one?

★ Irishewwie 1 child; Tokeland, Washington 67059 posts
Sep 9th '09

I like the powder. It's cheaper and you can carry a lot of it with you when going out.

YeahThatsME USA 1226 posts
Sep 9th '09

I would go for powdered my step sister used Liquid and it seemed to go way faster then the powder!

00000 California 2961 posts
Sep 9th '09

Liquid formula is more expensive..... I have thethree container thing too for formulaand bring a water bolltle of water in the diaper bag and that has been pretty easy, my son is 7 months old now.

A Diva & Her Diva Daughte 2 kids; District of Columbia 1756 posts
Sep 9th '09

It is easy. I just put the water in the bottle to the amount of ounces and pour the powderwhen ready to use it.

......................... Beverly Hills, California 2969 posts
Sep 9th '09

I think they're equally filling. Liquid is more convenient when you're home. But powder is more convenient when you're not.

Zombie Mom ✄ 1 child; Washington 13824 posts
Sep 9th '09

Liquid is way expensive, and yes it is convienient and you don't have to heat them up. I always packed a bottlewith water and put a couple scoops of formula in it when I needed it that way I don't waste it if she doesn't eat anything while were outand it's fresh.. Try not to get your baby use to warm water or else it may be hard to give him room temperature in the future.

xboo1111x 2 kids; Missouri 13818 posts
Sep 9th '09

I use powder because it's cheaper. If money were no object I'd probably use liquid because it's more convenient.

Rhyan and Dean's Mama 18 kids; Delaware 15073 posts
Sep 9th '09

I use powder. It's easier, cheaper, and last longer.

The liquid already made only last for about 72 hours, and you have to keep it refridgerated. AND it only makes (or made for me) I think 3or 4 bottles. The powdered made soooo much more, lasted longer, and was over all better expense wise (not that I wouldn't spend an arm and a leg on my daughter)

Also when we weren't home, I could just use warm water to mix it real quick. If you pre-make them all, you do have to refridgerate them though

Oh and for the fulling part. I think the liquid may be a little more filling because it's thicker, but only a little bit

I ♥ Aly & Samantha 2 kids; Ohio 4815 posts
Sep 9th '09

We used liquid. It was cheaper for us b/c I always had the $5 formula checks and so a bottle would cost us like 50 cents! I loved the disposable pre-made bottles as well- they were great to take with us when we were going out! My daughter also tolerated the pre-made better. She was a lot less gassy!

Caity J 3 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 5186 posts
Sep 9th '09

I used the liquid like once and I didn't like it much because it had to be refriderated and I wasn't big on warming my son's bottles. He liked them room temperature. The little cans of the ready to serve goodstart were really nice when I was traveling but powder just seems easier in general. I had a formula dispenser like you mentioned. I'd just put the water in the bottles and throw them in the diaper bag whenever we had to go somewhere.

La_TeniHerreraX3 1 child; Henderson, Nevada 31 posts
Sep 9th '09

thanks ladies i think i made up my mind on wich one im guna go for. but it will alsobe up to my baby too, what ever one he prefers im just goung to have to work around what one he intakes and likes thebest. but for the most part im going with powder formula first. thanks again