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May 1st '12

a link to my thread- is my house reasonably clean, or is it dirty.
i dont want to post all the pictures again so i just linked the thread.

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May 1st '12

i feel like a bad mother and sometimes beleive i dont deserve my children. I make sure they have everything the need/want, but sometimes i just get so overwhelmed. I put them in their room to watch tv, just so i dont have to deal with them. And then later feel guilty for not spending enough time with them. I know as a parent im supposed to enjoy every minute with my babies, but i literally get NO break from them. i love them with all my heart, but sometimes i just want to be left alone and i feel horrible for it.

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May 16th '12

The blog isn't active anymore? Is there a new thread?

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May 17th '12
Quoting Regrettable Temptations:" The blog isn't active anymore? Is there a new thread?"

Nope, still this thread.

but the account, Mara changed the password, and you have to go toa few select super mods have the pw

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May 31st '12

Dear Mother:

I hate that I look just like you. I wish I could wash my face off and get a different one.

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Jun 18th '12

I hate where my life is right now, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.

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Jun 29th '12

I still bathe my 5 year old. I know she's old enough to do it on her own with some supervision, but I fear losing the bonding time. I'm so selfish.

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Jul 4th '12
Quoting Mrs. Mendez
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Aug 9th '12

We are having the hardest time finding jobs right now. We are young and have no experince. I am a high school drop out. I think if I have to ask someone else to pay for my daughters diapers and formula one more time I am just going to f**king kill myself. I hate living like this. I cant take anymore.

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Ooooh! :D

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