Anyone in Real Estate? Biotch 2 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 16982 posts
Sep 9th '09

Thinking about going that route... any input from those of you who work as one or know anyone who does? I just wanna know if you like it and how the money is... I obviously know it is bad right now... but in general...

squarehead sarcasticpants 4 kids; Arizona 36875 posts
Sep 9th '09

I'm in Real Estate- Ive been in it around 7-8 yrs

dooooooooooooooooooo it!

Natalie☮ 50 kids; Maryland 14364 posts
Sep 9th '09

I started going the real estate route when I lived in San Diego and then I ended moving to LA and did the entertainment route instead. I will be taking the same route in MD since of course there isn't an entertainment industry here. I worked in real estate in SD for about 3 years. I say do it!

mavincamen Japan 1 posts
Mar 1st '13

Depend upon our self interest we can choose the real estate field. Recently, One of my friend is interesting and very curiosity to join in a real estate company as a part time agent. We are search for the proper guidelines to move a step forward for getting best results.