Sex 2 weeks after c-section Beautifully Mixed! 1 child; Minnesota 4133 posts
Sep 1st '09

i had a c-section 2 weeks ago. i stoped bleeding a few days ago. i had my insition checked last week and its healing fine. i havent had any pain. i had sex 2day. now i am spotting. is there a chance of infection? i cant get pregnant yet can i? help! i know i should have waited but my so has been gone for 4 months and...well ladies what do u think?

Courtney:) 1 child; Santa Rosa, California 8869 posts
Sep 1st '09

Have fun with that.

=^•^= NO, OD, France 36617 posts
Sep 1st '09

Yes you can get pregnant again and in fact right now your the most fertile after having a baby. I had sex eleven days after my c-section and I spotted afterwards but it was just pp bleeding. Are you cramping or in any pain?

**Nik Luvs Eli** 1 child; Monroe, Louisiana 868 posts
Sep 1st '09

yes u could get prego and thats all i know

KK`s mommie ! 1 child; West Point, Mississippi 925 posts
Sep 1st '09

YES you can get pregnant .
its the easiest to get pregnant after having a baby .
i had sex 3 weeks PP after my c-section bt my doctor gave me BC pills to take til my 6 week check-up when i got implanon .
i spotted too bt when i got checked.. no infection .

Rebel 2 kids; Louisiana 5414 posts
Sep 1st '09

Even though your insition (sp?) is healing nicely, your insides still have to heal. That's all that the bleeding is. You are risking infection though. I had sex 3 wks pp. I couldn't wait either,lol.
Now that you have had the sex, I'd recommend waiting a few more weeks to finish healing.
Oh yeah, and you're extremely fertile pp. You can get pregnant.

Beautifully Mixed! 1 child; Minnesota 4133 posts
Sep 1st '09
cali 2nd timer Due January 5; 1 child; California 201 posts
Sep 1st '09

I had sex 11 days pp after a c-section since I felt up to it and well wanted it bad. We went and bought a big box of condoms because you can get pregnant right after. Be careful not to crazy!