can mirena give a false negative? monika Due August 30; 1 child; Ohio 111 posts
Aug 28th '09

My fiance and i are ttc. And my appt to get my iud removed is in a couple of weeks. About a month ago when we first talked about having another child, well thats when we started. Since the beginning of august i have gained weight in only one area, craving food, breast swore. and even growing. i have taken 2 test and both negative. Am i dreaming this, because i have this feeling that i am. even my fiance. I even look pregnant.

My question is: can an iud (mirena) give a false negative on a test?

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Aug 28th '09

not to my knowledge, but it can give you false pregnancy symptoms...or symptoms similar to those of pregnancy with out being pregnant. It did it to me. I had it removed because of that and because it gave me horrible headaches. I would get a blood test though just to be on the safe side if you really think you are.

Christine_Elizabeth 5 kids; 1 angel baby; St. Petersburg, FL, United States 7422 posts
Aug 28th '09

If you're getting negative tests you're probably not pregnant. Mirena shouldn't affect a pregnancy test.

It DOES however have some hormones which, like the post above me says, may give you pregnancy symptoms when you're not pregnant. The last birth control pill I was on did the same thing. I too was convinced I was pregnant and it took a blood test for me to believe I wasn't.

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Sep 5th '09
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