When did you first get a positive home pregnancy test? mummyofone Hungary 12 posts
Dec 4th '06
I am 5 days late on my period and have many pregnancy symptoms,such as very very sore breasts on and off,sore nipples,really visible veins around my breasts,nose and gum bleed,I feel like throwing up when I smell certain food or such, I am very tired, have frequent visits to toilets, so many "common" pregnancy signs, however I kept testing since my period was due that is on the 30th of Nov so 5 days ago. I did 5 tests all negative. I am not sure whether I am pregnant , however I am hoping that my hormones will kick in soon and show up on the home kit. Has anyone had the same or simular experience before a positive showed up? Can I still be expecting and just too early to test? When did you have a positive test?