what age do you move baby to toddler bed? mandarae Due March 14; 3 kids; North Dakota 44 posts
Aug 19th '09

I am currently expecting baby # 4 - due March 15th. My twin girls are currently 10 months old. When the new baby is born, they will be 18 months.

I got to thinking, when does a baby normally transition into a toddler bed? Am I going to have to worry about getting, yet, ANOTHER crib?? (and if so, where the hell am I gonna put it!) Any input would be greeat! If I have to think about another crib, I would like to do it when our city still has "garage sales" going on! Thanks ladies~

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
Aug 19th '09

My kids stay in cribs until they're 3 or climbing out. If neither has happened, in the crib they stay. :D
My son was 3 1/2 when he got his big boy bed.

NoName2015 Florida 14069 posts
Aug 19th '09

Some people say around 2, some people say around 3.
My thoughts are I'd prefer earlier than later anyway and if you're expecting another, then I'd definitely try for earlier. I don't really believe the older 2 and 3 year old's still being in a crib, by that age... they're pretty able to climb out so what's the point?
At 18 months, it may seem early to some people but I'd still try. Pretty soon they'd be figuring out how to get out of the crib anyway so it'll eventually have to be taught when they are supposed to be there and when they're not... you know? Might as well give it a shot IMO.

Mom and son 33 kids; California 3351 posts
Aug 19th '09

my boy was 19 month, but it's really up to you. If they start climbing the rails then it's time to move, other wise it's weather you can handle the trasition or not.

Jan~mom of 3 hoping for 4 TTC since Jul 2009; 18 kids; Taylor, Michigan 13259 posts
Aug 19th '09

My son was 2 and 2 months when he got moved into his big boy bed, he never tried to climb out or anything like that. My daughter i think will be around the same age, it seemed to work for us. shes not old enough yet to understand not to get out of bed, she loves to lay in his but i dont think she would stay in her own.

The Rachel 36 kids; Tulsa, Oklahoma 43666 posts
Aug 19th '09

My kids got their toddler beds at around 18m to 2yrs. My daughter, who is four now, sleeps in a twin sized bed. My 2yr old has a toddler bed.

MzzMo 2 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 739 posts
Aug 19th '09

My son was def. closer to 3 I didn't really think age i thought when is this kid not gonna be walking around in the middle of the night. He was used to sleeping in his own room but I was still worried about him walking around or getting up and coming to our room. But if you need the crib you need the crib right?

sweet love 3 kids; Texas 3065 posts
Aug 19th '09

We started using a toddler bed at 15 months. I thought she was going to be up and down all night, but she wasnt. She went straight to sleep.

Fighters FIGHT 1 child; Buffalo, New York 2819 posts
Aug 19th '09

my son is 27 months and still in his crib. Not sure when he will be moved, probably closer to three or if he starts climbing out sooner. However, if I was in your position I would probably think about moving the twins in sooner. Especially if you're worried about purchasing another crib or even space. I don't think 16-18mos is too young, my son is still just fine in his crib.

aimee6286 Due May 24; 1 child; Lufkin, Texas 636 posts
Aug 19th '09

my son is almost 22 months and has been in a toddler bed (but mostly in our bed) since 10 months or so. mostly because we couldn't get him out of OUR bed..and at that time we were given a toddler bed from a friend who needed to get it out of the way..and we had just moved and i dreaded putting the crib together..and when i did, he wasn't used to sleeping in the crib and screamed bloody it was just a practice thing at first..i could cuddle in the toddler bed with him (i'm short) until he'd fall asleep..however, it became a game and he wouldn't put it next to our bed and up against a wall so he couldn't fall out and he eventually got to where he'd choose his bed over ours (but not until around 18 months after starting daycare where he'd take naps on his own little mat on the floor)

you might introduce them to a toddler bed and see how that goes..i wouldn't expect cooperation immediately, tho, so you might invest in 2 toddler beds (whatever you can find at garage sales even) and try it out before buying another crib...maybe you'll get lucky?

if you're worried about them crawling/falling out, i would place one side against a wall and throw pillows on the floor around the other side..or..put the beds beside your bed, if you're willing to have them stuck in your room (i'm not going to advise it if they already sleep in their own room!!!)

good luck!

Titia Due July 29; 3 kids; Kansas 6267 posts
Aug 19th '09

I was in the same position as you (except not with twins). My boys were going to be 18 months apart and I didn't want to buy another crib that he may potentially be crawling out of in the first 6 months we had it. So...we made up his big boy room, got him a low twin bed and put ALL of his toys in there. Around 14 (I was 5 months pregnant) months we started putting him down for naps in there. It went so much smoother than I thought it would. After napping in there for a month or two and getting very comfortable with the process we started putting him in there overnight. By that point it was such a non-issue that you would have thought he'd been sleeping in there since birth! I just wanted to make sure that he was completely transitioned before his baby brother arrived so he wouldn't feel kicked out of his bed. It has never been a problem for us. He does get up and come into our room if he wakes up or needs something, but that's not a problem for us...I prefer it to him screaming from his crib in the middle of the night! :) Good luck!

mandarae Due March 14; 3 kids; North Dakota 44 posts
Aug 19th '09

Thanks ladies! I am so glad I found this site - I am still trying to learn it, but wow - its great!

AlabamaMommieOfThree Due December 23 (girl); 66 kids; Dadeville, Alabama 1097 posts
Aug 19th '09

my son started climbin at 14 months so i moved him down from his crib into his playpen( so it would be ashorter distance to fall) he is now 19 months and he is getting his big boy bed, i think he is ready

Leah + 5 Due June 19 (boy); 4 kids; 1 angel baby; United Kingdom 6385 posts
Aug 19th '09

my son is 3 and he is in a toddler bed when i first put him in one he would get up but you just have to keep putting them back in untill they understand that its bed time and they have to stay put my 14 month old daughter is still in a cot although when this baby is born she will be going into a toddler bed as i will need the cot for the baby she will be 21 months

but will it be cheaper for you to get one new cot or 2 new toddler beds lol although if you got 2 toddler beds you could sell one of the cots
as for space i would probably go for getting the toddler beds and you can get bed guards that fit on the side of them

OneTwiggy Indiana 8 posts
Aug 19th '09

My son wasn't ready so I bought a crib tent @ They had the best price only 49.95! Just make sure it fits your crib... I have an older standard crib from my first son. I moved my oldest to a toddler bed around three! Best of luck!

Twig (well use to be :) )