Heather[♥'s V] Due January 27 (boy); 33 kids; Tulsa, Oklahoma 14302 posts
Nov 12th '07

George, you are seriously the greatest guy in the world. I don't know what I did to deserve you or the most beautiful baby girl ever, but I am extremely happy that I have both of you in my life everyday. Thank you so much for always being so wonderful to our daughter and me.

A ♥s E.T. Due March 14; 18 kids; Cheyenne, Wyoming 21773 posts
Nov 15th '07

I'm getting a matching computer desk (with a hutch) and entertainment center for our living room for Christmas! We ordered them today and I am -so- excited!

(But, they will probably be late because they are on backorder. boo!)

Also, It makes me feel old to be so excited about furniture...Computer_Desk_400461_2.jpgEntertainment_Center_400470_1.jpg

Hipster 1 child; Lithuania 42435 posts
Nov 17th '07

So my in-laws were supposed to come visit today, but they have skunks burrowed into their foundation. It sucks that they have these skunks, but now, my FIL is not going to be able to come because he's waiting for the exterminator. That's super exciting because I love my MIL, but my FIL is a pyschotic liar!!!
Yay, for skunks!

......................... 34 kids; Tennessee 38820 posts
Nov 17th '07

It's saturday night here...and I am drying my laundry. We Finally got a new (used) dryer! We have been w/o one for months! :)

BeanPot822 TTC since Mar 2008; 1 child; Minnesota 1726 posts
Nov 18th '07

I only have two hours left of work!!! Plus...I love my job!

......................... 34 kids; Tennessee 38820 posts
Nov 18th '07

I finally got the balls to put up a site for my photography! I am soooooooooo happy right now.
Photography by Kathy
I am my own boss now!
Don't one on this site lives less than an hour from me. lol

*Melissa* Due May 25; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 23076 posts
Nov 18th '07

I'm back in Ohio for the week :) Its freakin freezing here, but gotta love being at home!

Msmyliss 1 child; Oregon 866 posts
Nov 19th '07

Im have practically EVERYTHING i need for my baby now!!! YAY- 9 more weeks!:D

.Carly. 1 child; Alabama 1192 posts
Nov 19th '07

I am so in love with my new baby boy! Hes perfect!!!:D

AFK Australia 18873 posts
Nov 19th '07

I am so grateful that I have the mum that I do.

I love her.

Gretchen Weiners Due October 25 (girl); 3 kids; Chicago, Illinois 52960 posts
Nov 20th '07

I'm getting an elliptical!! :D FINALLY I can tone.

NoahsMommy4 Indiana 68 posts
Nov 20th '07
Quoting ☆ Jenniefahhhhh:
ChristinaLynne 3 kids; Pancake, TX, United States 29912 posts
Nov 20th '07

Wohoo! Counting down the days until R&R! I am soo happy Scott will be here for Christmas. I am soo excited to pick him up from the airport and to see him hold his son again! I can't wait!

Also Kaden is taking a nice long nap finally! Wohoo... Peace and Quiet! 2 1/2 hours and counting!

Leslie85 *OG* 50 kids; Fort Worth, Texas 8998 posts
Nov 20th '07

I'm happy that I have a healthy, incredibly happy 8 month old baby. I'm happy that I have a wonderful boyfriend, and family, and a great job, and school is going well. I'm excited for Sera's first Christmas, and spending it with the two most important people in the world with me. I'm just thankful for everything in general.

Gretchen Weiners Due October 25 (girl); 3 kids; Chicago, Illinois 52960 posts
Nov 21st '07

I love Arnello's stuffed pizza!! YUM! :D