......................... 34 kids; Tennessee 38820 posts
Nov 5th '07

I am drinking a Starbucks Caramel Frap, and eating a piece of their pumpkin loaf, and one of their Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins! It's probally a grand total of 100 million calories...but it tastes so dang good!

Gretchen Weiners Due October 25 (girl); 3 kids; Chicago, Illinois 52960 posts
Nov 5th '07

I had 2 Venti iced white mochas from Starbucks today. They were freaking GOOD!! :D

And I just won a pair of jeans on E-Bay! YAY!!

tennessee mama 3 kids; Tennessee 5955 posts
Nov 6th '07

I fit my fat pants!!! yay!! I never knew I would be so happy to fit my fat pants. Next step: normal sized clothes, haha. What a relief to finally be out of my maternities (almost out of them all). my work must be paying off.

Lizard Queen 3 kids; Delaware 3556 posts
Nov 7th '07

I'm thankful that things weren't worse...

AND I'm excited to find out the sex of the baby tomorrow!! Yay!!

*Melissa* Due May 25; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 23076 posts
Nov 8th '07

I washed 3 loads of clothes, started dinner, and made a chocolate cake today :) Yay for being productive!

amy. 1 child; Spring, Texas 8436 posts
Nov 9th '07

i love waking up in the morning and realizing i just got uniterrupted sleep for 5 1/2 hours :)

Rhyker♥Reagan 82 kids; Montrose, Colorado 19594 posts
Nov 10th '07

My fiance just won friday night poker at my managers house... extra cash for us!

*Melissa* Due May 25; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 23076 posts
Nov 10th '07

My husband finally broke down and bought a new desk chair! I can comfortably sit here on BG all day :D

NeeNee-hott mama! 2 kids; Tampa, Florida 10212 posts
Nov 10th '07

Yay for nomore morning (and by thatI mean all day) sickness!

Hipster 1 child; Lithuania 42435 posts
Nov 11th '07

Two calls from Iraq in two days.... that' SWEET! I love it when the hubby calls in a good mood!

~Ciara~ 3 kids; Athens, Texas 6361 posts
Nov 11th '07

Break Time!!! You know that time when the kids are finally down for a nap and you can just take a minute to an Almond Joy, and drink a

I love it!

.Carly. 1 child; Alabama 1192 posts
Nov 11th '07

I am getting sooooo excited my baby boy will be here tomorrow!!!! :D:D

amy. 1 child; Spring, Texas 8436 posts
Nov 12th '07

I love that even when you are keeping me awake I have fun just watching you coo and smile

Whitney Pie 2 kids; Catania, Italy 31982 posts
Nov 12th '07


Thank you God for blessing me with the best husband and the best son and the best doggy ever. I am forever greatful.

☼ Lindsay ☼ 2 kids; Kentucky 855 posts
Nov 12th '07

Yay! he called!! (from Iraq) Its been quite a while but it was so great to hear his voice again, reminds me of why i do this again.