when u take bottle away mommyof5kids New Brunswick 74 posts
Apr 10th '06
when didi u all take the bottle away? my kids had their bottles gone by 1 yr youngest is 20months he uses a sippy cup.
debbie77 New York 1 posts
Feb 28th '08
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MamaLeah85 Due April 11; 3 kids; Ramore, Ontario 1191 posts
Feb 28th '08

I got lucky and by the time my son was 18 months old he had completely taken himself off the bottle and pacifier.From his first birthday until then he only had one bottle a day at bedtime.
My daughter just turned a year old and doesn't show any signs of being ready to be off the bottle.She however took herself off the pacifier at 9 months so maybe she will surprise me.

Gracie_4 2 kids; Biloxi, Mississippi 164 posts
Feb 28th '08

My daughter Weened herself off the bottle by the time she was 11 months old! She was teething and I guess was more interested in the bottle for chewing the mipple because she bit a huge hole in ever single one of her n****e tops! So I just started putting her formula in a suppy cup until she was a year and then switched to milk! She was super easy....Im praying that my son is just as easy!

Ashleydanielle05 California 32 posts
Feb 28th '08

i took it from my son at 10 months, he started drinking regular milk then and i NEVER gave him a bottle at night. when using a bottle at night when they are sleeping it drips on theere gums or teeth and they will get bad teeth. he is 14 months and he wants a straw but i dont know if i ready for him to pull the straw out of the cup and start waving it around. lol

MamaLeah85 Due April 11; 3 kids; Ramore, Ontario 1191 posts
Feb 28th '08
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chunsagirl01 Due November 18 (boy); 2 kids; Aurora, CO, United States 1686 posts
Feb 29th '08

I think if you slowly try to keep it away then eventually they will realize its not there. My daughter is 11 months old and she barely drinks from her bottle. I think she has realized that she can get more out of her sippie cup vs the bottle. So I guess I have gotten it kind of luck since she mostly kicked the bottle the binky for the most part on her own. Everytime I see her using her sippy cup I do give her praises, so she gets excited and tries to drink out of it more often to get the praises out of me. Hope this helps!

Gabby311 3 kids; Hilton Head Island, 13998 posts
Feb 29th '08

You don't ask your kid. There is a reason to take it away. It can rot their teeth. If you give juice, tea, soda, cow's milk out of a bottle. You are rotting their teeth. 12 months is the age they say to have the child off the bottle. Thats when they usually start drinking cow's milk. If you start young, it won't be a problem. I gave my son a sippy at 6 months. By 11 months he wanted nothing to do with a bottle. Bottles are really bad for teeth.

MommyinPA 2 kids; Pennsylvania 39 posts
Feb 29th '08

My son gradually went off the bottle between 10-11 months old.. he took to the Nuby cups, then around a year, he took to the sippie and never wanted another bottle. I also never let him take the bottle to bed with him... He is 2 years old now. My boy only gets Juice, Water & Milk.. My husband and I absolutely REFUSE to give him soda or much tea.

danielandjacobsmommy 2 kids; Oregon 158 posts
Mar 1st '08

Daniel my oldest was completely off the bottle at a year old and was using a sippy cup. I had Jacob off the bottle at 10 months old, and using his sippy cup.

Brittanyxoxo 3 kids; Utah 21 posts
Mar 7th '08

There is a right time to take the bottle away and it should be before they are one. There is no reason for a one year old to have a bottle. I hate when I see 2 or 3 year olds are the store with a bottle or even worse and binkey. I think the parents like it more (for ovbious calming reasons) then the baby. However eventually you will have to come up with something else. Stop being lazy parents and take the bottle's and binkey's away!!!

Made In Italy ♥ 34 kids; Windsor, Ontario 17625 posts
Mar 8th '08

My daughter is almost 14 months & still takes at least 1-3 bottles durning the day, sometimes one when she wakes up [depends on her mood] one before her nap, sometimes one after her nap depends on the mood & one before bedtime & maybe another one somethere throughout the day . . she hates sippy cups & will hardly drink out of them.