Cleft Palate( rant) hctravis 3 kids; Springfield, Missouri 601 posts
Aug 16th '09

Has anyone heard of a cleft palate "healing itself" in the womb? I know this sounds like a stupid question but bear with me. Long story short one of my twins was diagnosed as having a cleft palate by my perinatologist at my last ultrasound. Now my family is refusing to believe that she will have the defect. I mean I know mistake could have been made by the perinatologist but it wasvery easy to see the cleft once the doctor pointed it out on the ultrasound. The reason I bring this all up is I'd like to have someone get me a few special bottles and nipples designed for feeding a baby with a cleft palate as a baby gift. I've been told its a bad idea because its not for sure she will have a cleft and that it will probably heal itself before she's born. The research I've done on it says clefts happen in the first trimester and nothing I have read has said they heal themselves. Besides,even if it doesn't happen what is so wrong with wanting to be prepared!?!My family keeps telling me I shouldn't be stressing over any of this, but what is stressing me out is that no one will talk about it or even acknowledge the possibility of it happening. I can't be overly optimistic like everyone wants me to be and wait for them to be born to take any action. I need to know all the facts, prepare for, and discuss the bad possibilities along with the good ones or I'm going to go insane. Is that so wrong!?!

tatooed_mommy Due August 30; 3 kids; Alabama 33474 posts
Aug 16th '09

i havent heard of it healing itself. And no there is nothing wrong with wanting to know as much about it as you can, and if they are pretty sure thats what it is then they are most likely right since something like that would be hard to mistake if it was the visable.

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Aug 16th '09

I don't know much about them, but I've never heard of them healing by themselves.

benji'smama [TSB] 1 child; Pennsylvania 10379 posts
Aug 16th '09
Quoting Raiden's Mommy:
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Aug 16th '09

your family sounds like my family, blah. I know how that is!

just ignore them, buy the bottles on your own, its easier than arguing with them. especially over something like this. theres a mother on here with a little girl with a cleft. i think her screen name is faylynn's mama, lol, i should know, i just left her a comment not even 5 mins ago. good luck!!

Star1984 17 kids; California 5317 posts
Aug 16th '09

Tell them to just get the bottles and you can return them if the cleft heals itself. I hate people nitpicking registries; my family did it too and I think it's f**king rude!

OthoPed 1 child; Saskatchewan 464 posts
Aug 25th '09

No cleft palates don't heal themselves. My daughter was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. The only thing we were told that the utrasound may not tell us how bad it is. We were told that he thinks its a severe cleft palate but when she was born only a small piece of her gum was missing and the rest of the palate was intact. No her palate didn't heal itself it just was not as bad as he thought. As for the bottles, we waited until she was born because the bloody things are expensive and there are different kinds out there and we wouldn't know which ones would work with her until after she was born.

Faylynn&JesselynsMomma! Due April 16 (girl); 17 kids; Pasadena, Texas 4417 posts
Aug 26th '09

cleft palates dont heal themselves, but they can be misdiagnosed.
i would find a cleft doctor close to you, and let them know whats going on so when your child is born your not trying to find one
my daughter had a bilateral cleft lip and palate.
if you need to talk let me know.
its not really as bad as most say

rebac Japan 1 posts
May 3rd '13

i just researched this and found your question but let me say i was researching because the denist just told me my 2 year old had a cleft palate that has healed itself in the womb she was astounded and said she had never seen or heard of one doing it so i looked to see if anyone else had heard of this before. i will be praying for a mirical for you cause i feel like we got one