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Dec 20th '10
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Dec 21st '10

wish those headache meds worked for me!!!!!!! i have a long history of headaches and migranes and my dr perscribed me fiorcet but it dont work and she wont give me fiorcet with codein even though my first ob said i could take it. so im stuck with a migrane everyday all day :(

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Jan 16th '11
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Mar 6th '11

Thank you!! I have been wondering what I was able to take for headaches.. This helps me a lot (:

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Mar 6th '11

Thank you!! I have been wondering what I was able to take for headaches.. This helps me a lot (:

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Mar 9th '11
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Thank you for this! I've been on Zofran for severe nausea and vomiting my entire pregnancy and had run out for a few days. One of the girls on here mentioned taking B6 so I had my husband run out and get some. Of course I just wanted the vomiting to stop since I was vomiting 4 times an hour so I took it. Made me feel better. Went to sleep. Woke up a few hours later back to vomiting but it was different if that makes sense. I just looked at the bottle and each capsule is 250mg!!!! Each tablet!!!

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Apr 11th '11


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Jul 24th '11

Thank you for posting this!

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Aug 7th '11

thank you so much i was just wondering this earlier

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Aug 19th '11

Great post cause I keep headaches and heartburn and kept hearing tylenol and antacids with calcium in them

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Aug 27th '11

Totally awesome that you posted this! I do want to add though that Bengay and Icy Hot can burn your skin especially if you already had sensitive skin before getting pregnant, so using a product called Mineral Ice would probably be a lot safer because it doesn't get as hot. :) Again, thanks a ton for posting this. I have a friend who doesn't have a lot of medical advice or care for her pregnancy and I used this forum to give her some advice on what she can and can't take and use! Amazing help :)

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Oct 24th '11

Quoting MrsFernandez1nOnly:" Im in SC right now. In alot of states they make you sign your name to get drugs with pseudophedrine in them. Do they do that in Alaska? Just wondering"
They do in Virginia.
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Oct 29th '11

Thanks a bunch. I have a lung infection where I cannot stop coughing and having flem. I went to the doctors and he prescribed Amoxil but I refuse to take it because it'd be the same as having any other drug - harmful. I've just resorted to safe throat soothers and breathing eucolyptus steam

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Oct 31st '11
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Nov 1st '11 is a trusted resource that health professionals often use for drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is maintained by the Sick Kids hospital in Ontario, Canada.