Breastfeeding with no appetite? Shelby((Mileys Mommy)) 1 child; Hopkinsville, Kentucky 137 posts
Aug 2nd '09

I just had my daughter 6 days ago, I'm breastfeeding and making a good milk supply now, But I'm just not hungry. I dont even think about food. I'm taking my prenatal vitamens and get plent of fluids but Ive really only been eating once a day, maybe one good meal and not even really snacking. I know you're suppose to try and get 2000 calories to BF, but I'm just NOT hungry. Is the babys till getting everything she needs? I know im producing enough milk but is it okay that im not hungry? And a "just so I know" question. What is the breastmilk suppose to look like. For the first day my milk came in it was yellowish and thin. Now its white and thin? Is it suppose to be thick?

Dried up tata's 1 child; Hawaii 12088 posts
Aug 2nd '09

I was the same way, trust me you will get it back. You just have to make yourself eat

Springtrap 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Clay, MI, United States 37242 posts
Aug 2nd '09

i wondered the same thing. i had my LO 2 weeks ago, and i have no appetite either. i force myself to eat just for the calories.

BM is yellowish at first because it is still mixed with a bit of colostrum. it is suppose to be thin.

☮LoveAndSerenity 1 child; Kenosha, Wisconsin 52409 posts
Aug 2nd '09

Happened to me quite often when I was breastfeeding. It comes back, I assure you. When I was like that though, I would force myself to eat something like an apple or a sandwich.

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status Aug 2nd '09

I didn't start really eating until my son was 6wks.. My milk supply started to dwindle until I ate more. I would try to force your self to eat at least a little bit at each meal time even if it's just a small portion of fruits or veggies. BM is thin and watery for the first ten minutes then thick and creamier when the hindmilk starts coming around 10minutes. You dont really see the hindmilk unless you're pumping.

Crystal - Finally Mommy! 1 child; Jasper, Georgia 2194 posts
Aug 2nd '09
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Aug 2nd '09

The baby will still get what they need even if it comes from your body's storage..

The first milk is how you described then when it turns into real milk it becomes thin and watery and it will separate when you put it in the fridge, That's totally normal...

Be sure to take your prenatal vitamins though.. and maybe you can drink some milk or juice or shakes or something for the calories?

Christina714 2 kids; California 4967 posts
Aug 2nd '09

im in the same boat

try drinking an ENSURE milkshake for some energy/nutirents.

try the dark chocolate and drink it really cold. If you down it fast it's no big deal
I have one everymorning while I wait for my daughters breakfast to cook.

TheCndymnCan 1 child; Wisconsin 5926 posts
Aug 2nd '09

i didn't have an appetite for about 2 months PP them BAM i got it back.i still produced a good amount of milk and my LO gained weight perfectly fine :)

Leigh{30+} 3 kids; Pennsylvania 10500 posts
Aug 2nd '09
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Aug 2nd '09

i think it is ok that your not hungry, my daughter is only 4 weeks old so if im wrong let me say that i havent been doing this that long eaither, but one of my books said that your body will tell u when u need something, to just drink when u are thirsty and eat when your hungry and u will be fine just make sure when u do eat u eat something that will help your baby out, like i said my daughter is 4 weeks old today and on friday she had gained almost 2 pounds since she was born and is gaining an average of 2 ounces a day now and that is what i do so i know its working and she is getting enough of what she needs because of her good weight gain.......also the milk that looks thin is called fore milk and when if gets to the back its a bit thinker and called hind milk thats where your baby gets all her callories from