When do you start producing milk? Melissa Gayle Due April 11; 1 child; Mobile, AL, United States 1042 posts
Jul 16th '09

I read in a magazine that at around 30 weeks a woman will start to produce colostrum & out of curiosity last night while I was doing my daily moisturizing ritual I squeezed my breast and some clear some stuff came out. It was sorda weird lol.
Anyway bak to my original question, how long after you start producing the colostrum does the actual breast milk come in?
Does it happen whenever the baby is actually born?
Oh and when did you start buying the nusing pads to put inside your bra?
Do you just leak milk or is it possible to produce enough of the colostrum that it leaks too?
I'm sorry for all the questions I'm just curious.
Thanks in advance:)

MATTHEWS' M0MMY Due August 6 (boy); Hialeah, Florida 338 posts
Jul 16th '09

watching.. im 37 weeks and i still havent leaked at all....

TheAirForceEXWife 2 kids; Texas 30826 posts
Jul 16th '09

your milk comes in after you give birth. its just colostrum until then. mine came in 1 hour after i had daniel. some take 1-5 days

whitneynator 1 child; Iowa 4114 posts
Jul 16th '09

it took about 4 days after i gave birth for my milk to come in.

Nat ♥ 1 child; Mesa, Arizona 31402 posts
Jul 16th '09

I didn't leak at all during my pregnancy. My colostrum was there when he was born and my milk came in full force at 3 days!

ETA: I never squeezed during my pregnancy to check for colostrum so I'm not sure exactly when it came in.

Rylee & Aedyn's Mommy 2 kids; Tennessee 2074 posts
Jul 16th '09

im not exactly sure when i started getting colostrum
but i was watching a baby show at around 28 weeks and it said that u shld be producing it by then so i squeezed and it came out .
lol i never knew i had it till then

Christian's MamaSita-EBFB 1 child; Virginia Beach, Virginia 1304 posts
Jul 16th '09

You only produce milk after the baby is born. I started day 4 after giving birth. I'm not sure when I started producing colostrum. I never squeezed my b**bs to find out and they never leaked. The only time I leak milk is when I'm actually nursing and that only happened in the beginning. The other side will start to leak when my milk lets down. I don't use the nursing pads.

Melissa Gayle Due April 11; 1 child; Mobile, AL, United States 1042 posts
Jul 16th '09
Quoting 36 WEEKS!:
Melissa Gayle Due April 11; 1 child; Mobile, AL, United States 1042 posts
Jul 16th '09
Quoting Steamy & Squishy:
AidenMichaelsMama Due July 10; 1 child; Wisconsin 86 posts
Jul 16th '09

were due the same day and mine has come in it was clear at first but now yellow stuff comes out of it..hope it helps i havent started leaking yet tho

2pinx&1blu Due November 17; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Tyler, Texas 6228 posts
Jul 16th '09

I started leaking at 16 weeks and now I have to wear bra shields or I will leak through my clothes...

Kasey Hayes Due April 4; USA 2 posts
Feb 10th '11

I got on here to see what others had to say about when they started producing milk or the stuff that comes before the milk I know it starts with a "c" , because today i experienced some leakage.. and with my first I didnt do that. I'm 33 weeks I thought that was early, unfortunently it's not.. I just was scared I was going to leak out all the good "c" stuff and my baby will miss out on it. Hopefully Not!!!

(: Kayla + 2 :) 2 kids; Wise, Virginia 175 posts
Feb 10th '11

I started leaking at 30 weeks with this pregnancy.....
With my son i started leaking at 35 weeks..... and didnt produce milk until like a day after i had him...

I guess it just depends....