CakeyJones Due January 31; 1 child; Falmouth, Massachusetts 591 posts
Jul 29th '13

Hi everyone! Haven't been on BG for about 4 years but we decided to TTC again and I'm due Feb 1st with our 2nd blessing! I am excited to discover a hospital and OB practice that SUPPORTS VBAC!! I have my 1st consult this wed the 31st and I'm so excited to find out if I'm a good candidate for a VBAC!

Can anyone let me know if they think I'll NOT be a good candidate? Just let me know what info you'd need from my end. TIA!! I'm a member on babycenter's forum for VBAC support but they kind of suck at support. haha. Congrats to all the pregnant Mamas and successful VBACer's :)

thats me. :) 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Edmonton, Alberta 3385 posts
Jan 25th '14

Hey everyone.
My first was vaginal
second was c-section
third, I am hoping a vbac.

Mommy Pwnt Pwnt[ATES] 4 kids; Hawaii 10351 posts
Feb 10th '14

Just wanted to pop in here for a bit. Been a LOOOOONG while since I was on BG.

Anyways wanted to let you all know that on Jan.11th 2014 I had a SUCCESSFUL vba2c!!! Our third daughter was welcomed to the world and I caught her :D

Over the moon still :). Just remember you ladies can do this! Nothing can stop you :D

Tea Bag McGee Due November 21 (girl); 2 kids; tardis, OS, United States 6934 posts
Aug 27th '14

For mommies in the Oklahoma area.. where can i go to have my #2 vbac. i moved here and now even tho i have had a vbac and being told they dont do them. and the OU is the only place but the doctor said because of my size.. im not that big i might add... if for some reason i need another c sec he will make my scar look not so pretty. 

if you have any info please inbox me on here. cuz it might be easier. 

ive also looked into the ICAN site and they dont have much info either. 

~*ARI*~ 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Dilworth, MN, United States 267 posts
Jan 10th '15

I have never gone into labor. My first was induced in 2006, and resulted in a csection. My second was planned, by the doc last minute as he didn't want me going past 39 weeks back in 2010. This time has to be different. I have to have a TOL. I will vbac. Need some pointers. My new doc said she can't force my to have surgery again, but collectively the docs where I go don't prefer to do a vba2c. I told her I am doing it anyway. So again, just need tips to be successful. Thanks.

M&F VBAC Graduate 3 kids; Texas 10998 posts
Mar 9th '15

I have been on BG in a very very long time! I found this support group and thought I would post real quick before i forget :)
dec. 7, 2009 = c-section due to breech baby
jan. 27th, 2011= successful vbac, went into labor at 39 weeks
october 29, 2012 = successful vbac, went into labor at 38 weeks

I will post more about everything once i get a chance! feel free to ask any questions though :)