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Jul 1st '08

my son is half italian & halfpuerto rican , i am very light w/ green eye's and my boyfriends fairly light with brown eyes and could be mistaken for italian , for some odd reason people always think im the spanish one and hes the italian one lol , but im very curious to see what our son will look like & niether of our parents said anything they didnt care , plus around here to see a couple thats not mixed is quite rare anymore :) its a big melting pot !!

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Jul 1st '08

wow this was an old post! lol I think I posted on this post before my son was born ( 1 year ago) lol well I'll post agian

My babies are white, black and puerto rican =) I love my mixed loves!

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Jul 1st '08
Well this is a big 1. My boyfriend is asain. hes half Sikh and half pakistani and i am 1/4 jamacian 1/4 basain ( barbados) 1/4 welsh and 1/4 english. this is because my dad is 1/2 welsh and 1/2 basain and my mom is 1/2 jamacian and 1//2 english.
THE REACTION :shock::shock::(:shock::shock:
His mom was not pleased she is a full sikh like her male siblings have the last name singh!!! and for his dad hes a muslum and if ur not married it brings shame on there familey and if ur have a girl they would lauf becasue they say boys are more important. hes mom and dad arent togther becuase they broke there familey traditions by having children togther as they are not from the same culture. i have never met hes dad but i have meet his mom b4 the pregnancy and i used 2 live with her for like 9 months but soon as i was pregnanct and not married she diddent want to know. his familey dont want to see the baby or have anything to do with them which is a shame becuase its there loss they need to get over the fact that i decided to keep the baby after being bribed by hes mom who WAANTED to PAY ME to get RID OF MY BABY :evil: how sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i told her i dont want anything and never saw her again. SORRY THIS IS LONG BUT TALK ABOUT COMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!:shock::shock:
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Mar 29th '09

My baby will be half Mexican and half Pilipino. Both ethnicities share similar cultures (almost everything from language to food to family traditions) due to colonization so it wasn't that big a deal for my familia (although I've heard plenty of Mexican jokes from my family members). My mom was excited because she wants the baby to have curly or wavy hair (my partner has beautiful, thick, curly hair!)


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Mar 29th '09

This topic is 2 1/2 years old, why did you bump it?

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Mar 29th '09
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Mar 29th '09

I'm mixed. My mother is White and My father is Black. My fiance is white so my poor baby is gonna be as light as ever. LOL

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Mar 29th '09

Yeh mosy babies are mixed now days, my baby will be half german (from his daddy) and 25 % French canadian and 25% Cherokee (from mommy).

alexis [[kenzie♥]] Due September 24; Louisiana 1283 posts
Mar 29th '09

My baby's going to be half asian and half white. with a minuscule amount of native from me. :)

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Mar 29th '09
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Mar 30th '09

Gordon's father (zach) is 1/4 indonesian, 1/4 dutch, and the other half I know nothing about.
I'm just a mix of European places, mainly norwegian and irish.
So Gordon is 1/8 Indonesian, 1/8 Dutch, and a bunch of other stuff.



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Mar 30th '09

Heyy, I'm having a mixed baby. I'm 15 weeks pregnant right now. I'm 3/4 white, 1/4 Native American and my fiance is black. Its not really that much of an issue in my family, maybe just because I don't care what anyone thinks. My dad, I think, isn't too happy about the fact since he was raised back in the olden days, but as soon as he sees this baby, I know he won't care.

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Mar 30th '09

Well I am full white with basically european background but you could just classify me as white. My boyfriend is black and a little bit of indian in him but he looks very dark and basically goes by afirican american. So i think that our baby will probably be a carmel color but who knows maybe he/she will be dark or could be light either way ima love my child. For the parents his side of the family wont care but my side is really racist them come from a white farming community i've been told my whole life to never be with anyone with a different color of skin well sry to burst their bubble but i love my black men... haha anyways they dont know yet so i plan in movin out them tellin them so i wouldnt be kicked out the house. Im just really scarred as to how there goin to react and what my family will do. either way i dont really care because right now my child is wat is the most important to me.

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Mar 30th '09
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Mar 30th '09

My boyfriend isnt mixed. . .but i am. . .
our babys gonna be 50% Native American - 25%white - n like 12.5% Chamorro n another 12.5% Phillipino lol.
our babys gonna be pretty mixed.
its perfectly fine w/ our familys tho. they know we love each other n are happy. . .so i mean. .why fuss about it?:wink: