:3 1 child; St Marys, Georgia 1016 posts
Feb 15th '12

My husband is Puerto Rican and I am white. :) Can't wait to see what features our little boy will have.

KareyJ Due June 12 (girl); Indiana 19 posts
Feb 15th '12

Im white and my boyfriend is mexican (: so our babygirl will be mixed..
My family didnt really have a problem with it, my family is very diverse & so is his.

Logan Grady Due August 17; Japan 1 posts
Feb 16th '12

My Baby is going to be half white and half puerto rican. the BD is puerto rican so only go knows how cute my baby will be. My dad was shocked to know that my baby wouldnt be completly white lol but im excited.

K&D = Ka'liyah ❤ 1 child; Las Vegas, Nevada 30 posts
Mar 5th '12

I'm black, white & mexican .. my boyfriend/BD is black& Indian.
My family did'nt react badly because i'm already mixed myself and they adore him. i just cant wait to see what it comes out looking like !

Breesters 1 child; Florida 10 posts
Mar 8th '12

Im Black, Puerto Rican, and Indian and my fiancee is White Mexican and Indian! Our families don't care about race cause we are both multi racial :)

Nessa95 Due September 29; Springfield, Missouri 21 posts
Mar 9th '12

I'm almost full blooded italian and part asian and the father of my baby is very white. Lmfao. Interested to see how baby comes out. :)

BigDreamer121 1 child; Fort Worth, Texas 1150 posts
Mar 9th '12

I'm half black, 1/4 white, and 1/4 indian. My baby's dad is black. So that'll make her 75% black, 1/8 white, and 1//8 indian I think. I'm no good at math lol.

AydensMommy; Due September 9 (boy); 32 kids; Damascus, Maryland 68 posts
Mar 10th '12

Im black and the father is white, the family took it fine, my mom doesnt care about race. The father already acts like he is black and he grew up around black people.

Nicole Martinez Due March 25 (girl); Japan 1 posts
Mar 10th '12

My Child Is Mexican, Itallian, && Black...

My Parents Didnt Care For What Color It Was Just The Age That Matter To Them I Am Only 15 Years Old And Got Kicked Out My Dads House Just So I Can Keep My Baby Girl Around... Me && My Bf/Bd Is Still Here But There Are Alot Of Disagreements In This Pregancy... Your Parents Shouldn't Care For What Color The Child Is. They Should Just Care That You Are Happy && Living Life... Life Is To Short For You To Care What Your Parents Think Or What Anybody Thinks On Why You Baby Is Colored Like That...

Love, Nicole Martinez:)

Vick92 Florida 1 posts
Mar 13th '13

Half Dominican/ Russian