The Icebox {MBRD} 17 kids; New Mexico 18575 posts
Dec 22nd '14

Quoting baby nuilona:
My husband is in the army and he just got duty to go to japan and ill 37 weeks pregnate i could go anyday

Is he unaccompanied? If not, you'll just have the child and then move to Japan with him.

devendra Satellite Provider 1 posts
Dec 29th '14

Quoting ❀Sarah❀:
I cant believe we filled up Military Families haha, we talk too much

Weinus Badger TTC since Nov 2015; 1 child; Whidbey, WA, United States 172 posts
May 9th '15

I'm back :) it's been a few years! I don't have the swinging badger avatar anymore though. BAH!

We're in FL now and my son is now 6 1/2!! I can't believe it's been so long!

I'm getting a PAP this week and having my paragard removed. We aren't TTC per-se but we figured we won't be preventing it either. I'm shore duty the next three years so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It would be pretty cool to have a LO around my birthday, which if I do my calendar right it'll be right around that time.

I hope I'll be able to do a VBAC :)

expectinglittleW Due April 10; 1 child; 1 angel baby; N/A, KS, United States 89 posts
Aug 6th '15

Hi I'm an army wife, my husband is deployed right now. He'll take leave right around when our son is born, and it'll be a little before half way into it.   I'm currently living with his parents since he was deployed right out of AIT. 

Alisha Hunt TTC since Oct 2016; 1 child; Lemoore, CA, United States 360 posts
Nov 4th '16

Hello!  Its been about four years since I have been on the site.  My LO is 4 now and we are TTC.  We are dual mil and in the navy.  We are about to move...again.  YIKES!  talk about a  stressful time.  LOL.