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Jun 19th '07 question is about the MMR (Measles Mumps and Rubella) shot and pregnancy. I know it is not advised to take the shot while you think you might be pregnant or are pregnant...and to avoid becomming pregnant within a month of having it.

My friend just found out she was pregnant (wasnt trying) and she had the MMR shot about 3 weeks ago. The docs say she is about 2-3 weeks.

My question many of you have had the shot during pregnancy? If so, were there any problems for the baby?

Thanks for the help!
ash patel Connecticut 1 posts
Dec 31st '07

My wife had concived on 12 Jun 2007 and got MMR shot on 15 JUn 2007.
Took advice from several doctors 50% say to terminate & 50% said not to terminate
We decided to continue with pregnancy....

13 week ultrasound came ok
at 20 weeks Dr. has performed aminosynthesis after came to know that baby lost heartbeat. Report came negative with no genetical problems.
After 20 weeks of pregnancy, baby lost her heart beat.My wife passed through labour process and delivered baby. PM reports came with birth defect, suspecting on MMR but Dr.was not able to prove that,

apawol Nebraska 2 posts
Mar 4th '08

This has eased my mind a little! It turned out that my MMR didn't take when I was younger so I had to have it when I was working at our local hospital. I don't think I was pregnant at the actual time of the shot, but probably within the next week or two we conceived. I'm currently 7 weeks along, but have yet to have my 1st prenatal visit. My husband and I are so excited, I just hope everything turns out okay. I didn't have any reaction to the shot, and from what I've read, it sounds like a good thing. I've had no spotting or any negative signs, I actually feel pretty good! Just the occasional wave of nausea and very very tired. We're telling everyone about our pregnancy, so we can have that many more people praying that our little one it healthy.

dazey_daisy 1 child; Potters Bar, United Kingdom 61 posts
Dec 10th '08

My period is late atm and I'm pretty worried because I only recently had the MMR. I am from England and like you guys, I had to have the vaccine for immigration purposes. I didnt have the MMR as a baby because it wasnt around back then (in England). However I did have the Rubella vaccine when I was about 12 years old. If I am preggers now, it would have meant that I conceived only 2-6 weeks after my MMR. Would the MMR affect me with that (as I already had the Rubella vaccine 16 years ago).
Hope u can help.
Thanks!!!!! Xx

OZ Due August 20; Korea 1 posts
Dec 16th '08

I had a MMR shot three weeks ago and just found out that I am pregnant three days ago. Still wondering if I should terminate. I have googled some study on potential effect of MMR shot onpregnant woman, but the results are not very assuring. Not sure what I need to do next.

stephanie rojas Due July 5; Bronx, New York 1 posts
Nov 4th '09
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thebigmama Washington 1 posts
Mar 20th '10

I got the MMR vaccine and others as well for immigration purposes. Yes, the MMR is mandatory for U.S. visa. I didn't get any symptoms at all when I got the shot. When I discovered I was preggy, we went to see a couple of doctors. They told us it's okay to keep the baby. Our child was born a healthy, full-term baby. So far no problems. He is growing steadily and happily with a BIG appetite.

sukh Due August 23; Australia 1 posts
Dec 17th '10
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crystal yen TTC since Nov 2011; Japan 1 posts
Jan 8th '12

I was from Malaysia. I had abortion on 20/12/2011 and was given Rubella vaccine (doctor found out i was not immune to Rubella and therefore given me the shot and advice me not to get pregnant in a month). I'm worried now because we still have x*x recently. I'm affraid I might be pregnant again and need to do another abortion because of the vaccine shot...

moonher2000 Due September 23; Baltimore, Maryland 1 posts
Feb 8th '12
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Hi Sukh,
I got my MMR 6 weeks before conceiving. Is there great risk in continuing the pregnancy? Please let me know.

negi Due August 31 (boy); Japan 2 posts
Mar 28th '13

Hi everyone, I am Indian living in Newzealand from last 6 years.
I just came to know today (28/03/2013) that i am 4 months pregnant.
I had 2 shots of Rubella in jan 2013 and second shot in feb 2013,( I was 1 month pregnant during the time of taking MMr)

Now I am very very worried about my Baby. If someone has goes through this situation, please please please guide me the side effects of this.
I have consulted few Doctors , some advice to terminate, others say its OK.


negi Due August 31 (boy); Japan 2 posts
Mar 28th '13

hi there,
What happen with your pregnancy.....did everything go well.
Please update as I am going through the same situation now....

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Jai Bee Japan 1 posts
May 23rd '13

I worked in home health care and had MMR, DTaP, and Flu shots when I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest son, I was told to get the shots or get fired. I always felt that this hurt my baby. Today he is nine years old and he looks just fine, abnormally handsome with big blue eyes and full pouty lips but he is severely mentally retarded and has low functioning autism. I vaccinated him until he was 2 years old at which time he had a serious reaction to his MMR and Flu vaccines. He only had autism before this, after this is when he got severe mental retardation and has not spoken a word or gone to the bathroom on the potty since. He has developed chronic constipation and needs weekly colonics in order to have a bowel movement. He is self injurious, aggressive, and destructive. I would advise women to wait to get vaccinated until after the pregnancy if possible because it's better to be safe than sorry.