Allergy medicine for 9-month-old Mel ♥ Ella 17 kids; Arcadia, California 1768 posts
Jun 1st '09

I'm pretty sure my 9-month-old has allergies because all kinds of allergies run in both sides of our families. She scratches herself on her face, neck and her arms, and sneezes pretty frequently. I have year-round nasal allergies myself, and my sister has skin allergies, so I'm not surprised that Ella has allergies too.

I've made an appt for her to see the doctor, but meanwhile is there anything she can take? Last night she woke up at 4am just scratching the heck out of herself. And this morning I noticed she scratched her face up pretty badly. I take Zyrtec daily myself. Is Zyrtec, Claritin, or Benadryl safe for her to take and at what dosage? Again we're going to see a doctor, but I don't want to see my baby suffer (I know how it feels) while waiting to see her doctor. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

NikonGirl_TOG 20 kids; California 10022 posts
Jun 1st '09

I would call her doctor and ask what would be most appropriate for her. I think until he sees her, I don't see him saying to do more than topical treatments like cortizone creams. <3 But it wouldn't hurt to ask him/her.

Chad's Proud Momma 1 child; Louisiana 1987 posts
Jun 1st '09

Perhaps you can call and talk to the nurse at the doctor's office... She may be able to tell you what you can give her for now...

kmg 2 kids; Pennsylvania 18709 posts
Jun 1st '09

Laila has allergies also, her doctor told us to use childrens claritin and/or benadryl. I used the claritin for a bit, but now she seems to be doing fine without it. But just to be sure you should see her pedi.

Madi&J'sMom 4 kids; Indiana 2651 posts
Jun 1st '09

I just took my 21 month old son in for allergies- he uses a steroid cream for his skin(gets frequent rashes) and he told me to give him childrens zyrtec daily-1/2 tsp. Shes a lot younger though, I would call the dr. first. My dr. said he would wait until he is 3 to do allergy testing, unless it gets to where the zyrtec isn't helping.