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Jun 15th '07
Does anybody else have an issue with their newborn gagging when they wake up or at any time? My son had to go to the emergency room two days ago because while my mother had him in her room, he was asleep and when he woke up, he started gagging on some mucous...I had to keep suctioning it out and he sounded like he was trying to catch his breath!! My mom and I got so worried that we jumped in the car and headed straight to the emergency room..I was so scared because I had him in my arms and he was turning purple! Man...ok so we got to the emergency room and I'm like "Can I have a doctor out here please??" And so a nurse had to 'get my information' (such as my religious preference) while I'm kinda panicky about my son turning purple and STILL gagging and crying...but it turns out that the mucus from his nose was draining into his throat (??) and so they gave me saline drops to put in his nose, then suction out..the doctor said it's normal for that to happen (but it still freaked me out) son's oxygen level was 100% so they said he was definitely able to breathe..It's just a scary picture in my head of my son gagging and turning purple... :cry:

He's doing better today, although we had a little incident but the saline drops cleared that right up!