baby's heart rate...boy or girl? gracefallen Oklahoma 56 posts
Nov 16th '06
I'm 16 weeks and 4 days along and just went to my dr. appt today...two more weeks of waiting until we find out the sex of the baby. The heart rate was a good solid 156, my mom who worked with a obgyn for many years said they used to predict the sex of the baby with the heart rate and it was almost always accurate (yes, i's an old wives' tale) girls tend to have faster heart rates than boys, that is a fact. What was your baby's heart rate and what did you end up having?
Tausha Carter USA 1 posts
Nov 22nd '11

im 25 weeks pregnant... my babys heartbeat is first ultrasound they said boy my second one they said girl......i feel like its a boy this is my fourth baby....i have 2 boys and 1 my eyes the ultrasound looks like my i dont know what to say because im confused myself and i dont have the money to get a 3d ultrasound.

mychellecs Due March 27 (boy); 2 kids; USA 14 posts
Nov 22nd '11

My little ones heart rate is always in the high 150's and it is a boy :-)

user banned 2 kids; Indiana 12251 posts
Nov 22nd '11

This is a total myth. My doctor literally laughed at me when I asked him about it. My daughter's was in the 150's and my sons is in the 160's. Definite wive's tale.