Carrots = Orange poop.... Haylee1202 2 kids; Knoxville, Tennessee 719 posts
Jun 11th '07
OK so I started Seth on baby foods about 10 days ago... I gave him green beans first for like 8 days then tried to start him on peas... he didnt like the peas .. I tried them like 4 times and he would gag each time he tried to swallow them.. lol poor baby... SO his newest food is carrots and he loves them... He had a half of a jar yesterday and the rest of it today

Anyway what I want to know is will his poop always be orange after eating them? lol This may sound stupid but will his body get used to them and be a normal poop or will his poop after carrots always be orange? The reason I ask is because after eating them today he had an orange poop with just a few small places of his normal poop color.... anyone know?

*Sorry if this is stupid lol I was just wondering*