Our homebirth adventure! livelongandprosper 2 kids; Skowhegan, Maine 14628 posts
May 4th '09

Here's my short version labor story lol

2:30 am Saturday May 2nd my water broke in bed.I was having contractions that were somewhat painful but nothing regular. Tried to sleep some more, finally got up around 8 am. We hung out with our oldest for a bit before my mom and step dad came to get him, not long after they left hubby and I made a trip to the grocery store, trying to get labor to pick up and because I wanted some popsicles and some other things lol.

Not long after leaving the grocery store our midwife's apprentice showed up and checked me, I think she said I was between 3-4 at that point. Contractions had finally become more regular, I think they varied from 5-7 or 8 minutes apart, they were painful but nothing that bad really. It didn't hurt terribly until transition, haha that SUCKED but I survived, yay!

Near the end my body started pushing for me, it was strange, I felt like it was trying to make me throw up but it wasn't lol, just trying to get the bubs out! I started pushing at 10:38pm I believe they said, and he was out at 10:40! No tears AT ALL. Sweet! She said it looked like I hadn't even just had a baby
Edward was 9lbs 2oz, 21 and1/2 in long

My husband was an amazing coach during labor, I don't know how I would have done it without him. He is such a great husband and father. I'm so proud of him!

I know I left some details out so if you have any questions just ask!

Capt'SaveaHo Due August 1 (boy); 18 kids; Forks, Washington 15698 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats Meg!! I can't wait to see pics!!

Hollenengel 5 kids; Sacramento, California 38006 posts
May 4th '09

Good for you! I know pushing out a 9 pounder with no drugs is quite a feat! Congrats mama!

.:Mama♥Crystal:. Due November 1; 18 kids; Oklahoma 9552 posts
May 4th '09

Awwww... how sweet... congrats again momma!!! :D

aperture 2 kids; New Jersey 14866 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats Meg. I can't wait to see Edward's pictures!

Gone and Deleted 5 angel babies; Marysville, CA, United States 11040 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats megan!!! Cant wait to see pictures :D

Samma[GDS] 2 kids; Willis, Texas 5193 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats!!!! I can't wait to see pictures of Edward!!

Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats love! Cannot wait to see him.

Court6382 4 kids; Pennsylvania 6568 posts
May 4th '09

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a good experience.

FriendsOffBitch Calgary, Alberta 6867 posts
May 4th '09

Yay!!! Good job mama!!

Buffalupagus 2 kids; Minot AFB, North Dakota 10529 posts
May 4th '09

I'm so proud of you and amazed at how well you did with your home birth Megs. I could never have that kind of courage. Congrats on your second little man. I cannot wait to see pictures of him and his Big bro!

3 kids; nowhere, ca, United States 46959 posts
May 4th '09

you are so awesome! congrats!

user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats! That is so amazing...I love the idea of a home birth, but that'll never happen for me! LOL Can't wait to see pics!

Josephine's Mommy 1 child; Oregon 3648 posts
May 4th '09

AWWW, Megan I am so happy that it was a great experience. You are my hero! Cannot wait to see pics of the happy family!

squarehead sarcasticpants 4 kids; Arizona 36875 posts
May 4th '09

Congrats!! I cant wait to hear the longer version :D

Yay!!! I'm excited for you