Snaggable mama/ttc Fierce Mama 1 child; Houston, Texas 74725 posts
Apr 28th '09

Ladies, I am bored waiting on my husband to come home from work so I made some snagables for us :D

Let me know if your taking one and let me know what you think.
Please save to your own photobucket.... and you may need to re-size if you plan to use it on myspace or other things...

I'll be making more if you have any request let me know too, I'll try my best...I'm still a n00b at this lol


enjoty ladies :D

Mommy ♥'s Charli 17 kids; Arizona 3089 posts
Apr 28th '09

awesome! can you make me one for 2001 :) pretty please!

Team Edward 3 kids; California 7204 posts
Apr 28th '09

oooh im snagging the 08 one for sure !

MRS. CHAND❤ Due February 20 (girl); 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Conroe, TX, United States 3186 posts
Apr 28th '09

I snagged 08 but it's not letting me put it on my page :( It says there's an error with the xhtml when I try to save it on my page.???)

Fierce Mama 1 child; Houston, Texas 74725 posts
Apr 28th '09
Quoting Cody&CharlizMomma:
Nurse&Mommy Due May 30; 17 kids; San Antonio, Texas 8095 posts
Apr 28th '09

whoo!! i took the 09 one :)