can you feel your mirena string? tmi? katee.[kaydens mommy] 1 child; Williamsburg, Virginia 1067 posts
Apr 16th '09

so when my doctor told me "you should be able to feel your string" and talked about how she had one lady who pulled out her own mirena implant the first night she got it i believed there would be some inch long string sticking out, well i attempted to reach up and see if i could feel mine and well i could only put one finger in becasue i had to push so far up and it only felt like a CM on the string was sticking out..

have any of you other ladys done this to be able if that sounds right amount of lenght or w/e??

Kim ♥ 2247517922 2 kids; Colorado Springs, CO, United States 26777 posts
Apr 16th '09
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anamara 1 child; Greenville, South Carolina 1369 posts
Apr 16th '09

i cant and never have

JUKOPEO 1 child; San Leandro, CA, United States 31967 posts
Apr 16th '09

sometimes the strings curve so you can't feel them very well

multimom 6 kids; Mississippi 213 posts
Apr 16th '09

Yes, my doctor told me to check on my string I think about once a month or so. But if you do not feel the string you should let them no right away cause it could have expelled or have gone up into the uterus. The length I don't think it is suppose to be very long no ways, just enough for the doctor to grab a hold to and pull out when you're ready or replacing it.

OG;chubbiechubkinz TTA since Oct 2009; 15 kids; Roxboro, North Carolina 4606 posts
Apr 16th '09

I can't feel mine, I had to have the strings cut really short b/c my hubby could feel them during sex. He says he can still feel them, but my doc said she can't go any shorter or she won't be able to pull it out when the time comes.

katee.[kaydens mommy] 1 child; Williamsburg, Virginia 1067 posts
Apr 16th '09

alright (:
thank you ladys,
was just making sure it didn't "get pushed in" while sex or something:oops:

Booperelli 2 kids; Eaton Rapids, Michigan 8 posts
Apr 16th '09

They bend up and around your cervix over time.

squαb 2 kids; Maine 20096 posts
Apr 16th '09
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Mandamoo32 4 kids; Quincy, Illinois 396 posts
Apr 16th '09

Yeah i have felt the string the worst part is tho I have actually felt him push ON the mirena itself. It felt like a little man inside my uterus stabbing at me it hurt real bad! The Dr just said well time to get more creative and dont do that 1 position again

Tiffany Moran Due August 14 (boy); 2 kids; Siloam Springs, Arkansas 2 posts
Apr 16th '09

i got the Mirena in Dec of 2007 a month after my little girl was born in april i couldnt feel my string so i went to my ob to get it checked they couldnt see the string so they dug around still no string so they done an ultrasound where the doctor said he saw the iud and that it was in the right spot lol december 26th i found out i was pregnant thanks mirena

MattnJenny 1 child; Ohio 1 posts
Oct 11th '09

I just had my mirena put in October 6th. On the 8th of October, I was sitting down watching T.V. and all of a sudden I felt a strange pressure in my cervix. Like when a tampon is in wrong. Well I couldn't feel the string, and my vagina dosen't feel like normal. It feels, almost like it is swollen. It is not normal. Now, (October 11th) I can feel the string, but it is right at the edge of my vagina. I can put my finger not even up to the quick of my fingernail into my vagina and I can feel the string.
Is this normal?
Or is it falling out? I don't know.

Care14 Idaho 1 posts
Oct 27th '11

Hi all. I have an amazing suggestion: I have had difficulty with the Mirena and pokey strings also. I got a diaphragm (not for the birth control obviously) to block the string and I insert it at the right time. icon_wink.gif It takes about 10 seconds and works as a barrier between the male part and the pokey string. Never had a problem since, any position. Hope that helps you all!!! Please spread the word! icon_biggrin.gif