13 weeks pregnant and dark blood spotting? zengirl Texas 29 posts
Jun 3rd '07
Hi Ladies- I am 13 weeks pregnant and yesterday I noticed a small amount of dark blood spotting. Has anyone else had the same thing and did the Dr. say there was anything to worry about?
I love my daughter !!!!! Due June 15; 1 child; Norwalk, Connecticut 8 posts
Feb 19th '08

Hi my name is Jessica i am also 13 weeks pregnant.. /Ummm the bleeding could be harmless but i would strongly suggest you go to the docs jus to make sure everything is alright!! Well i hope everything is ok and i wish you luck.. TTYL


Tiana Henderson Massachusetts 1 posts
Nov 22nd '10

well i would say see a doctor i meen i had a friend tht had the same thing and im 13 and im not pregnant i mean its not a bad thing to be pregnant at all i was there with my friend when she gave birth i would have never thought of how amazing and mind blowing it is i will cherish tht day forever and hope u have an amazing pregnancy just like my friend did <3 tiana