Mishish 2 kids; Germany 3 posts
Sep 11th '10

My daughter, Abigail, is 3 years old. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything as of yet. On the 15th we have an appointment to see a pediatric endocrinologist. We live in Germany, where my husband is stationed. The closest P.E. to us is 4 hours away. I'm not entirely sure what's "wrong" with her other than she has very low TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone). I've read up a little bit on it and supposedly it's a pretty rare thing to have "wrong" with your child. Her pediatricians are stumped and can't offer any support because they haven't the faintest idea of what's causing it. The ultrasound of her thyroid came back okay. So they're saying all that's left is either pituitary gland or her immune system but they can't say for sure because they're not a specialist and they don't exactly know what it means for a 3 year old. She does have mild developmental delays and she's in school for her speech delay. She's also rediculously energetic. Not that that's a bad thing of course :) They first found out about her TSH being low when she was 20 months old. My husband was in Iraq, it was really difficult for me to handle by myself. Her tests have to be sent to the states and then they send the results back (2 weeks later) and then getting in to see the pediatrician takes roughly a month because there's so many people on post, and very few actual doctors. Hopefully when the 15th rolls around we'll get some answers, good or bad, I just would like to know what's going on and what to expect for her future so I can take better care of her. Whew, that feels good to get out :)

lil ladybug 3 kids; Lubbock, Texas 105 posts
Oct 1st '10

Hi, my name is Victoria and I have a 4 year old son that was recently diagnosed with Autism in August. I am still trying to learn about Autism and everything it involves. Glad to see that there are moms that are going through the same thing this is so scary and new to me.

Kelly Siech Due March 2 (girl); 2 kids; Wahiawa, Hawaii 38 posts
Oct 11th '10

Aloha! my name is Kelly. i have a almost three year old son who has a primary immuo deficancy disorder called hypogammagloblinema. we have also been told he has apergers (waiting final confirmation on the 18), had severe GERD from birth to 1 year, a minor speech delay and chornic diarreaha. he gets weekly sub q infusions at home. we are AD military and currentally station in Hawaii.

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Oct 12th '10

Hi. My name is Rebecca and I have a 24 month old who has Autism, Epilepsy, Hyrdrocephalus, and Frontal Lobe Digenesis. The neurologists have told us that his frontal lobes are so deformed it's as if he has none. They said how he is now is how he will be the rest of his life. He has no words. He can walk with a little help. He's my miracle baby though. He's the happiest little boy I know. They believe the hydrocephalus (which was the first thing to be noticed at 32 weeks gestation) was caused by a rare blood disorder that I have. It causes the baby to be anemic because my platelets attack the baby's. They say that he had a brain bleed that subsided but ended up causing the fluid on the brain. That in turn caused the frontal lobe problems and epilepsy, which caused the autism. I'm having another little boy in four weeks and they luckily caught this rare blood disorder this time. This will be my last child because I'm insanely lucky that both of my children weren't stillborn. Aidan looks just like me and he is my world. I can't wait for his little brother to be here to complete everything. Thank you all for reading. =]

Jigglers Jello Washington 393 posts
Oct 27th '10

I am new here,I have a 6 year old son who has developmental delay's and speech problems,he was born at a small birth weight and required a feeding tube and a 2 week stay in the special care nursery before he could come home,when he was 1 he had physical therapy twice a week and he has been having speech therapy since preschool,he is in first grade now

ajb21130 Due May 9 (girl); 1 child; Colorado 1 posts
Nov 1st '10

Hi my name is Amber,
I am 26 new to the site and I have a almost three year old son who has Spina Bifida. We did not find out that he had SB untill he was born. Needless to say big surprise for us! They told us at first he was never going to walk and would be paralyzed from the waist down. Well here we are now using a walker to walk and is taking about 15-20 steps independently. He does have a vp shunt due to the hydro. and he has the Chiari brain malformation that is common with Meylo as well. He wears bi lat MAFOS. He just started pre school and its very smart and the happiest child I know. Recently found out we are expecting again and we are Due May 10th. I am patiently awaiting till it is time for the blood test and more ultrasounds to determine if this baby has SB or not. I did take the 4mg of folic acid as well as the prenatals this time before trying to conceive so we will see! If anyone else has a child with SB please feel free to add me . :D

it's bebop time 2 kids; Reading, Pennsylvania 4186 posts
Nov 4th '10

I'm Jess. I'm a 26 year old stay-at-home mom. My husband and I have a four month old son and a two year old girl. My girl hasn't been diagnosed yet but only says "mama", "oh no", "Halloween", "cheese" and "hello" and occasionally repeats words she overhears. Her doctor suspects autism because of multiple signs and behaviors and we're scheduling her to be evaluated as soon as I get a call or email back from EI. I have a lot of questions but since I don't know exactly what's going on yet, I'll probably mostly lurk.

*MissT* Due April 22; 2 kids; Mississippi 4 posts
Nov 10th '10
U sound like my friend and coworker in FL. Her little boy was born with ds and it was very unexpected. I have a special place in my heart for children with down syndrome. They are awesome! I loved her little boy. He was so sweet and loved to hug and snuggle. It is a struggle to be a mother period, but what joy and strength they bring u makes it all worth it. Best of wishes for you and yours!
*MissT* Due April 22; 2 kids; Mississippi 4 posts
Nov 10th '10

Hi! Im Misty and new to this site! I have 2 beautiful daughters. Zoe is 5y/o and recently diagnosed with ADHD. It is a nightmare because we are just starting the medicine rollercoaster. I am hoping for smooth coasting but so far it is rocky. The first meds they tried her on seem to make it worse. In my head I wonder if I should just let her be med free, but the doc seems to think she needs the medicine. I just don't know what will work for her, and i hate to try all these different meds. It is very hard for me to see her struggling the way she does. I love her so much!

DARLENE713 Due April 15; 2 kids; North Versailles, Pennsylvania 251 posts
Dec 22nd '10
Quoting it's bebop time:
Miss. Dee. ox Due July 3 (girl); 3 kids; Hartford, Vermont 4516 posts
Dec 23rd '10

Hey ladies (:
I'm Dakota. I have a 2 year old son who for right now is diagnosed with an acute case of ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura)

His doctors are thinking it's a chronic case now...

I'm just here to see if any one else has been through this & if they have any advice?

amandarrr 1 child; redondo beach, CA, United States 63 posts
Jan 17th '11

Hey I just registered here today. I'm Amanda and my two year old son is almost certainly autistic. He has not been diagnosed but I've just switched insurance bc of this and we're working on getting him all the support he needs. He's a very loving and affectionate boy and will give hugs and kisses to lots of people; some times I have to stop him from kissing strangers. However, he doesn't say any words other than mama and dada and even those aren't used appropriately. I'm completely new to all of this and I'm open to advice anybody can give me as far as what kind of care we should be seeking or really any advice anybody feels like throwing my way.

~{3littleboys}~ 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 9 posts
Jan 19th '11

My name is Tiffany I'm 24, an Army Wife and a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful, rambunctious little boys. oldest son was born with his right hand severely deformed, he was missing two fingers and the adjoining bones. The Pediatric Orthopedist called it Ectrodactyly and genetic testing was negative. We were told it was just an anomaly and something that occurs "like a lightning strike". He is right handed and uses his hand with perfect mobility. He plays baseball, colors and eats just fine. I'm concerned about him starting school this year, I know he is ready, he has a ton of friends and is great socially. My heart would just break into a million pieces if someone hurt him by making fun of his hand. I know he will face adversity but I wish I could protect him from the cruelness of others. He is the sweetest little boy.

goddessxxsweet TTC since Apr 2011; 2 kids; Hinesville, Georgia 57 posts
Jan 20th '11

My name is Rayna, I'm 22 I'm an army wife and a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys.

My oldest son (age 4) has speech apraxia, and two sensory disorders. He sees a physical therapist, speech therapist and an occupational therapist. They haven't ruled out autisim yet due to his young age. But he's a very sweet loving boy. He wants to talk you can tell he does he just doesn't have the tools to do it compleatly. I'm concerned about him starting school or if another deployment because he regresses everytime his father leaves. And what he will face growing up but just like with they army I'm trying to stay strong and carry on.

grace87654 Arkansas 29 posts
Jan 24th '11

My name is Britany. I am 36 and my daughter Savannah is about to be 4 on Feb 3. She was born with hip displasia (left hip) and we have underwent two surgeries already and hopefully we are done forever with surgeries (so far so good). She also has a severe articulation speech disorder and receives speech therapy twice a week for that. She also has an intolerance to milk and is currently on a milk free diet, She was also born with a compound hemangioma on her shoulder and a hemangioma in her diaper region, both of which are being monitored yearly as is her hip. I am a talker, so I will apologize in advance for all my rambling! lol Nice to meet you all!