Roseola / 6th Disease Robin2under2 2 kids; Michigan 2006 posts
May 30th '07
Anyone been pregnant when their kids have had Roseola aka 6th Disease?

Basically Jameson had a high fever all weekend. Tuesday it broke, go figure because I took him to the doctor and magically he's well again :roll: Last night he started having some diarhea. Wednesday (today) he broke out in a rash all over the trunk of his body. He was whiney and irratable all weekend but seems full of life and normal now.

I googled it and it looks like Roseola, which most baby fevers are at some point in a baby's life but often go unnoticed. Only affects a handful of pregnant women but do any of you know anyone whom it has affected? It is contagious but if you've had it once, your immune. Chances are I had it when I was a baby and never knew.