Third Trimester Nausea/throwing up? lorchick Manitoba 45 posts
May 25th '07
I honestly experienced no morning sickness whatsoever, but now in my third trimester it got so bad I had to go on mat leave early. Sometimes I have nausea, but sometimes I'll be sitting there one minutes and throwing up the next with no warning at all. I've got anti-nausea medication now and that helps about 50% of the time, and if it gets much worse my doctor said to call in and she'll send a perscription to me.
Instead of gaining four pounds over the last month I have stayed exactly the same. There is no fat left on my tummy at all except for a little bit from the belly button down. I wish I did have more fat on my tummy because then I think my tummy would have a little more give and wouldn't be so sore all the time~!

Between that and my newly developed intense skin sensitivity on my face and hands (my hands I've given up on, they will itch and life will go on, my face I have to try remember not to touch at all unless I've just washed my hands because anything with fragrance or chemicals or anything gives me a painfull, ugly rash or mark) ...

I don't believe I'll miss being pregnant at all!
People keep telling me I will, but my sister in law had a bunch of third-trimester complications too, and she had her baby like 7 weeks ago and she always laughs at me and goes, "Yeaaaaah... I don't miss being pregnant."

I'm uncomfortable 90% of the time, and I don't even have any swelling or water retention or anything... it's just aches and pains and nausea and rashes and even the baby kicking and moving seems to hurt half the time!
Apparently my pregnancy is pretty rough compared to 'the norm' and if i get pregnant again it won't be so bad... I sure hope so, or this baby's gonna be an only child!!!

Anyone else find themselves suddenly throwing up? I know that while it's not the norm, it's not all that unusual either.
tennalynne 3 kids; Lake Park, Georgia 1 posts
Jun 29th '08

I am 32 weeks pregnant and my heartburn and vomiting is unbelievable. Its the worst at night. I guess thats when I'm less active so the heartburn is worse and usually with me when heartburn strikes so does vomiting. Then after that its the sinuses and flem in my throat that don't allow me to sleep comfortably. I actually have resorted to doing aerobics late at night when I feel the heartburn coming on. Actually, it helps with the heartburn and it opens my airway.

Necha USA 251 posts
Oct 27th '08

this is alot of help! I had morning sicknessduring my first trimester, but only for about 2 months or less, so I was all happy thinking "Im so lucky, I barely got sick." but now its back in my third trimester. this is my first baby so I was kinda worried...thats why I love this website. I get to see Im not alone!Lol! It just sux cuz I feel like crap! I dunno if Im gonna miss being prego but I do know im not gonna miss the constant stomach problems. I have about 2 months to go and I cant wait.

HisJess Due September 20 (girl); 1 child; Texas 3006 posts
Oct 27th '08

I got really sick in the middle of my pregnancy and I felt miserable. Iwould throw up out of nowhere and hoped that no one saw me puking everything I just ate up. I drank those nestle breakfast shakes and I would feel better, I don't know why but I think that the vitamins did the trick.

anttanlis Due May 14 (girl); 2 kids; Australia 1 posts
Feb 8th '10

Thank God I am not alone! I have had two boys already first being in 98 second being in 04 now pregnant with third child looking like its going to be a girl. With first pregnancy I had severe morning sickness first trimester and it lessened each week after that not going completely till my third trimester though. Second pregnancy was cake, other than a few cramps and some back ache which we all get there was no worries. When I fell pregnant this time I thought it should just keep getting easier boy was I wrong, I had severe morning sickness from 6wks till 11wks then it settled but I started having severe pains turns out I needed my gall bladder out when I was 18wks they ended up taking it out, was a little apprehensive about the operation however I was told it needed to be done. that was 8wks ago after the initial few weeks of pain recovering and just general cramps I thought things would settle down again but now I am feeling nausea almost all the time and I have been throwing up again but rather than it being the yellowish liquid it used to be its a really dark colour I thought I was throwing up blood at one stage but its more brown than red. Has anyone had that I would love to know if it just another case of morning sickness