Evening Primrose Oil Kate ♥ 1 child; Ohio 2325 posts
May 24th '07
I bought some of the pills on, they were only 2.15 for a small bottle. I looked at Wal-Mart but you could only find HUGE bottles of them and I only need them for a little while. I also bought Blue Cohosh pills and it says to take 2 pills, 2 times a day. I am not planning on starting to take anything until I am full term but has anyone else taken a combination of both of these? Or either one of them and found that they worked??? Thanks!
Lana Kruger Due July 7 (boy); 1 child; Massachusetts 19 posts
Jun 6th '10

im 35 weeks & 2 days & i was hearing so many things about taking EPO so i asked my doctor & she said you can start taking it orally at 34 weeks den after you reach 37 weeks insert 1 vaginally before sleep.. so i started taking it orally today , lets see if it helps at all

Matthew-Lindsay Smith Due January 17 (girl); Indiana 13 posts
Dec 31st '11

I was taking them orally for a few weeks starting at 35 weeks and now I am almost 38 come Wednesday. I just started today doing internally and stopped orally because it makes me kind of nausea's. So far so good :) Hopefully I'll have my little girl in a week or so.

mommy to 2 girls 2 boys 20 kids; Spokane, Washington 585 posts
Dec 31st '11

Don't use Blue Cohosh I did with my last pregnancy and it will to stimulate menstrual flow(or bleeding whilr pregnant), to induce labor and yes it end up puttimg me labor and a lot of blood loss to me and baby that was build up in side and after labor the doctors had to force the bleeding to stop. Please dont use Blue Cohosh