14 month old with decreased appetite?? XXchelleXX 1 child; California 395 posts
Mar 2nd '09

My daughter Chloe is 14 months old. She used to eat like a freakin horse! I mean she would inhale good sized meals. And she's not a chunky baby either. She's in the 90th percentile for height and 60th for weight... so she's a bit lean for her height. Anyway just recently she's just not been interested in food. I'm just slightly worried. I mean she doesn't look like a starving child or anything! But I'm just used to her being a good eater. She just picks at her food. Before she could eat 4 chicken nuggets, now she only will eat 1 if any! Has anyone else dealt with anything like this? Chloe is drinking milk at least. But if she's not eating much, should I put her on some vitamins?
Oh and she just started walking last month, so I'm assuming that's why she didn't gain weight for a while. Her doctor isn't really worried at all. though(Chloe went to the dr two months in a row and didn't gain any weight) Anyway so I just assume maybe she's just getting longer and leaner because she's walking?
Oh she's 22lbs

EBFB TTC since Dec 2000; Washington 3678 posts
Mar 2nd '09

search it on google & stuff, it happens, its okay. just get her to eat when you can.

Taylore Daddio 2 kids; Henderson, Nevada 10 posts
Mar 2nd '09

my son is almost 13 months and he is going through the same thing! let me know if you figure out anything and ill do the same!!

Sara&Levi'sMomma♥ 2 kids; Ammon, Idaho 4201 posts
Mar 2nd '09
Quoting XXchelleXX:
lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
Mar 2nd '09

my daughter does that randomly. but she will want to snack sometimes too. I always make sure she gets lots of liquids milk and water mainly but she eats likea bird, i asked her doctor and they say shes doing fine. i asked if she was anemic because of it and she isnt. ask your pedi if they are worried about her and if so, they will recommend vitamins for her or something else. btw is ur name ixchel or michelle? im only asking cause my daughter's middle name is ixchel lol

Lynn-mom2threegirls 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 55872 posts
Mar 2nd '09

This is soooo typical of toddlers. Their interests change. They can now walk and explore their environment more than they could before, and that's a lot more exciting than food.

The best thing you can do is present healthy meals and snacks.

And look at your child's eating habits over the course of a week or so and you'll probably see that she's eating enough over the course of a week or so.

RaeHarley 2 kids; Grand Rapids, Michigan 546 posts
Mar 3rd '09

Could she be teething? My son is 14 months and he likes to snack more than eat when he is teething.