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Mar 1st '10
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Mar 1st '10

You know I was going to post in here way earlier then now, but hey at least I didn't completely forget. :P Anywho, I am Christina as of this post I've been cloth diapering for three months. We started with my daughter on day three, after we were released from the hospital. My stash is big enough so I can do laundry every other day.

My stash includes:
two dozen indian prefolds
*Prefolds aren't are complicated as they look, I use angel-wing fold with snappis

Six motherease Sandies bamboo fitteds
I love the bamboo because it's so soft and has anti-fungal properties

Four Sabrina Fitteds
*Made by Sabrina (Squish) cute patterns and hold up well

Three goodmamas
*These are our night time fitted, one size diapers as she sleeps for five hours since birth. Keeps her bum so dry, all of these I got used too expensive new.

Two Happy Heinys
*Pocket and one size diapers. Very soft, mostly for convenience sake.

Two Smartipants
*Right now these are my favorite pocket/one size diaper.

I also use motherease Air flow and thirsty duo wrap covers. My inserts are babykicks hemp inserts. I find the hemp keeps the wiggly bum pretty dry and comfy.

I use crunchy clean as my laundry detergent, love monkey farts scent!

I would like to try blueberry one size covers as I hear so many great things about them but they are pretty pricey too.

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Mar 1st '10

I love Cloth Diapers!
I have been cd'ing for over 3 months and find it super easy, cute and fun :)

My stash is simple and i like it:
24 bummis infant prefolds infant
3 size 1 bamboozle fitted
3 size med bumby fitted (also bamboo)
6bamboo prefolds/inserts (<3 <3 Bamboo <3<3)
4 GAD (Green Acre Design Pockets) stuffed with prefolds or flats
3 zorb doublers
6 staydry FLIP inserts


6 or 7 Bummis brand cover, mix of Polar Bummi (Fleece), Bummis Super Whisper Wrap (BSWW) and Bummis Superbrite (my fav out of these)
2 Flip covers, Zinnia, Ribbit- onesize, gentle leg elastic, perfect for the diaper bag/busy mom on the go!
1 whisper pant/dappi pullon LOVE this one, so gentle and trim, cheap and you can DYE them w/ koolaid! Fun!

~Wool~ I'm bulding my wool stash. Wool makes the perfect breathable cover. It absorbs 30% of its weight moisture, and lanolized covers "self clean", making them super reusable. Just air dry! Also act as clothes and cover in 1. Cool in the summer, hot in the winter.

1Rainbow Waters brand shorties
1 New2Ewe merino wool wrap- so soft and sqishy
1 Bumby pull on soaker (machine washable)

Did I say I had a simple stash? whew! Simple compared to others.

Wash Routine: (TOPLOADER)
Cold Rinse/Soak
Hot wash with fragrance free/optical brightener free detergent
Cold rinse
Occasionally I will do a full warm wash cycle with a splash of vinegar ONLY to avoid detergent buildup
Hang Dry covers
Throw the rest in the dryer on HOT for 60-70 minutes
Alternatively I hang dry outside on sunny days. Gets rid of stains. Got stains?SUN SUN SUN those diapers. It's magic. I plan on line drying for the most part when it warms up.

*Approximatley 18 billion disposable diapers are thrown out world wide every year. Read more:

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Mar 16th '10

I am using the Econobum to start out and later I might expand my stash by learning to make my own cloth diapers. So far, I've loved the Econobum diapers and my son seems to do so well in them. Holds poop in well and they seem very soft on his delicate skin. I'm adding a picture of him the first day he wore an Econobum diaper. One thing I'd like to know is how to make the prefold fit more snug on him so that his diapers aren't so big...

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Mar 16th '10
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Mar 19th '10

Hi! My experiences with cloth have been wonderful ~ with four children! I too hope to be able to share cloth diapering support to other CD parents!

My favorite cloth diaper combination has been using prefolds and fitted diapers coupled with our own wool covers (by Tidbit-Couture). The children were always heavy wetters and we could never get through naptime or the nights - until giving wool a try (also liked the idea of only needing between 3-4 covers to start with) ~ been addicted and sewing with wool ever since! Because wool is breathable, we also experienced little if any diaper rashes (even when the little ones were teething). When a bout of rashes appeared, we would use a silk liner between baby and diaper.

As far as a detergent to wash the cloth diapers with: We strictly use soap nuts and either tumble or sun dry! The reason behind this is: our cloth diapers always seemed to have an odor to them and never seemed to be "completely" clean or smell we tried those funny looking little berries and won't go back to any detergent.

Wool covers: We use a homemade lanolin wool wash bar and either hand or machine wash (using specific machine wool washing instructions)! It's Simple!!

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Apr 13th '10

Due with twins in Aug...considering cd...anyone have any pros and cons and tips on how to even start this? thanks!

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Apr 14th '10
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Apr 17th '10

dont poop stain them real bad?

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Apr 17th '10
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Apr 19th '10

Thank you so much everyone! I am definately looking into this. It may be a better option for us and save money in the long run. :):) I'm soo excited!

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Apr 19th '10

i seriuosly need to update my post teehee guess i'll do that tomorrow sometime

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I bought several diapers and covers to see what i liked best.

I have 4 or 5 fuzzubunz pockets they are nice and comfy but are pretty bulky.

I have a ton of prefolds and flats to go under thirsties and bummis covers. they just arent my favorite.. they are velcro and i find them to be too bulky.

The blueberry coveralls i have are nice but a little too big right now for my peanut.. but will be great when hes older! they are super cute and feel soft and silky.

squishy butt small and one size covers - one size being my favorite of the two of hers i tried ( ) They are among my favorites because of the cute prints to choose from and I'm supporting a working at home mom! i still want to try her All in Twos!

fishnoodles side snapper covers - Probably my favorite cover.. nice binding and cute prints when she has them in stock. Otherwise there are nice solid colors to choose from on a regular basis. She also does a lot of giveaways! Fishnoodles All in Twos .. probably my favorite diapers out of my whole stash.. i just love them. the whole diaper stretches which is so comfy for baby. and its the trimmest cloth diaper iv ever seen! You can add extra absorbancy without adding bulk. I'm probably going to sell a lot of what i have to stock up on fishnoodles! shes having a good sale coming up too for buy 3 get 1 free.. check it out!

i also bought some barely used g diapers that came with the snap in pul liners and the flushable stuff.. i dont use the flushable stuff they came with but i do occasionally use them over a prefold.. not my favorite but it does work. leaves snap marks on the babys skin though

Oh and I also use RockinGreen soap.. love it!

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Apr 20th '10

Hey ladies! My name is Brandy and I have been CDing for over a month now. I absolutely love it and wish I had done it with my other LOs.

My stash includes:

*3 Fuzzibunz pockets: these work well, a little bulky under clothes but I like them anyways.
*1 Bum genius pocket one size: love this diaper...fits and works well!
*1 Kushies AIO: doesn't fit well around the legs and is pretty bulky...won't be buying another one.
* 4 Bella Bottom fitteds(organic): these are super soft and comfy looking, fit well but bulky under a cover...still they work great and I love them.
* 3 Hatio bamboo one size pockets: love these diapers, super absorbant and soft!
* 1 dream eze AIO: this may actually be my favorite diaper, it fits so well and absorbs well too. Too bad it's a small and dd won't be wearing it much longer.
* 1 Bububibi organic one size pocket: love this dipe! Soft and absorbant.
* 1 Nubunz one size pocket: works well but the snaps are already coming off:?
* 1 Osocozy fitted: not too comfy looking, not too absorbant either.
* 2 Natures Love pocket one size: fits great, not bulky at all, super soft.
* 3 diaper covers (made by a lady off ebay) super cute and work well
* 1 Kissaluvs wool cover: love it!

Diapers on the way, will edit after I try them out...
* 4 gdiapers with liners and flushable inserts
* 1 Flip diaper one size system
* 1 Bum genius AIO
* 2 Monkey Doodlez bamboo and one regular

Right now I am using All small and mighty detergent on my far, so good. I have a dry diaper pail in the laundry room for wet dipes, and a bag hanging for soiled (poopey) dipes. I have a sprayer attached to my toilet (thanks to good ole dh) that I use to remove poopey before I put in the laundry room. Every other day I wash my dipes. I cold rinse first, then hot wash/cold rinse with an extra cold rinse, then warm wash/warm rinse to finish. My dipes look and smell great! And baby Saylor couldn't be happier...not one rash so far!