Closest 3D Ultrasound & Newborn pictures *CLOSED* ♥His Mimi♥ 1 child; Virginville, Pennsylvania 25663 posts
Feb 12th '09

I must be crazy for doing two contests at the same time but oh well. This one is for the momma's who got a 3D ultrasound done. Enter 1 ultrasound picture and 1 newborn picture. Sorry if this has been done before.

-Enter 1 picture of each
-Max age for the newborn picture is 1 month.
-Include age in the picture in your entry
-This will go until it gets as close to 15 entries as I can (not including my own)

My nephew Lucas, 2 days old in picture, 11 months old now

Mommy of Kaylee 1 child; Federal Way, Washington 2851 posts
Feb 12th '09

oh wow!!

Gracie123106 Due August 7; 1 child; Texas 395 posts
Feb 12th '09

Going to get a picture

♥ PUFFIN ♥ 2 kids; South Africa 229 posts
Feb 12th '09

puffin <3C_3.jpg

brand new:D

Gracie123106 Due August 7; 1 child; Texas 395 posts
Feb 12th '09

Alyx 30 week ultrasound.[thats the cord in his face]
Alyx two hours old.
Age now - 4 and half months old.

Maddie and Collin's Mommy 2 kids; Jacksonville, North Carolina 5739 posts
Feb 12th '09

Madison Maree Davis


4 days old in pic (4 weeks old now)


Jen 182 2 kids; Tool, TX, United States 34174 posts
Feb 12th '09

Jett Damien - current age 6 months (on V-day, Saturday!)

or if thats not allowed then here...

29 weeks 3 days Gestation

1 week

*Kiley & Ryland's mama* 2 kids; Key West, Florida 2634 posts
Feb 12th '09

I'm getting a 3D next weekend!!! :D I can't wait!!!

L and K's Mommy 2 kids; 2 angel babies; South Carolina 5732 posts
Feb 12th '09

It is amazing how close these are! It makes me want to get a 3d scan done!

Breanne10 3 kids; Apache Junction, Arizona 378 posts
Feb 12th '09

addyson (30wks)

1wk old

♥His Mimi♥ 1 child; Virginville, Pennsylvania 25663 posts
Feb 13th '09

BUMP for more entries!!!

Uncle Sam Hates You 2 kids; Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands 17332 posts
Feb 13th '09

I will enter this one & if you want individual pics, I will change it
The U/S is from 32 weeks & the photo he is aday old24.jpg

Rena♥J 3 kids; Victoria, Texas 25269 posts
Feb 13th '09

Kaeli Marion
3D (somewhere around 28 weeks, I believe)
1-2 weeks old
Kaeli is 3 now, and I know this isn't part of the contest, but I have to post a pic of what she looks like now because I think it's so funny that she does not look like the kid I gave birth to!
If it weren't for the nose and cheeks, I would say that someone switched my kid, lol!

♥a*m*b*e*r♥ 1 child; Houston, Texas 3293 posts
Feb 13th '09

Justice Christopher .... 32wks
editeduspic2.jpgjustice3.jpg*edit* forgot to add that he was 3 days old in this pic :D

K'Lynn ♥ River 1 child; Stephenville, Texas 413 posts
Feb 13th '09

36 weeks on the inside

A few minutes old