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My daughter had three at the age of 2. Her seizures actually lasted about 45 minutes! 45 minutes of torture for me watching her like that!! She went up to the Children's hospital, they did every test they should and found nothing wrong with her brain and heart. Luckily, she did outgrow them.

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Dec 3rd '10

My little one has an underlying seizure disorder and his episodes dont look at all like a typical febrile seizure but that is still what the doctors call it because he typically presents a fever a day or two later.
his seizures initially present with vomiting and then confusion. then he starts to lose the ability to speak clearly and keep eye contact. it eventually progresses into his being rigid and convulsing and not being able to breath normally or hold his head up, it generally takes about a half hour for him to get to this point. and his episodes last for as long as it takes for him to get medication, i have never actually seen one end on its own. the longest one lasted about 50 minutes from beginning until the sedative set in and he went to sleep.
its terrifying and im glad some one is letting people know what to look for in a seizure and how to handle it.

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<blockquote><b>Quoting ~*~KKnGavinsMomma~*~:</b>" Caidence would be one of the children to have one (well actually two in one day)! Sorry for the long ... [snip!] ... her temp can sky rocket so fast. Thanks for letting me share! Hopefully NO one of you will have to go through what I had to!"</blockquote>

My son had these as well!! So glad to know hes not the only one.
Its really scary to have ur child have even one of these, but my son (poor guy) has had 6 of them... now everytime he gets sick I turn into panic-momma. Its tylenol if it gets to 100, and hospital at 101.....

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Mar 16th '11

Jericho had one about a week ago. I have never been so scared. I was trying to keep calm because I knew it was because of his fever, but I still was concerned and seeing him like that was so hard. I was helpless. It was so horrible.

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Quoting ღSheilaღGLEEK:" Febrile seizures are full-body convulsions caused by high fevers (febrile means "feverish"). They affect ... [snip!] ... (Can this be stickied so more parents can be aware of this please??)"

my son has had 2 febrile seizures.. they are horribly scary.. the first one i did not see thank god but the second one i did and its the worst thing ive ever witnessed... i was so scared for my son and i panicked...

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May 28th '11

y son had one an few days ago and I had one at his again and I'm fine but, it's scary his happen during I was driving. He wouldn't response, he was burning up and his hear rate was high (190).

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my 3yr old daughter had one,around a month ago now. We got back from vacation,her sister started fighting a cold/fever for over a wk...with meds in her,she was 102temp.
then one nite my 3yr old started with the temp,i automatically i started with the tylenol and motrin on and off like they tell ya to do.the next day after dinner i took the girls up for bathtime,before giving their nite time meds.they were due in 1hr so i had plenty of time,before her next dose was due...while in the tub (my pregnant self was watching her while i sat on the toilet instead of sitting on the floor),she started to slide over then go like going underwater which is when i realized she was seizing. i never jumped off the toilet so quick,i totally forgot about my 8month preg belly...grabbed her soooo quick she barely hit the water with her head. i was more worried about her going under.
i grabbed her and ran to her room,while calling i might add i've had my emt training,so i knew what it was,my uncle had a brain injury when i was a younger so i saw what gran mal seizures look like as well....but nothen prepares you for your own child.
To this day, i tend to watch over the girls like hawks....i hate when temps come (given their rare but still). all that sticks in my mind is my kid seizing and turning blue till the emt's came and we went to the ER....
i hope and wish no other parent goes thru it...very scary let alone doing it while pregnant, hormones dont help the situation any...

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Oct 11th '11

I can definately relate on this topic daughter is 4 and had her 1st seizure when she was about 15 months and 2 after that but the scariest one was almost a year ago when she didnt seem sick whatsoever until she was sitting on her bed watching a movie and i heard her roll onto the floor..when I went in to check her she was face down on the floor seizing with foam and blood pouring out of her mouth im guessing from biting herself in the seizure but this was a night ill remember for the rest of my life. The other seizures she had were while she was sick and I was there holding her so when it happened unexpectedly I freaked out called 911 and waited for the paramedics in the n**e because I just happened to be coming out of the shower..embarrassing but hey I was ina state of shock at the moment..scariest thing Ive ever seen

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Oct 23rd '11

Yes I remember my son having a febrile seizure when he was around 18 months, he had a sickness bug for a few days so couldnt keep any fluids or meds down, his temp had been raised but not extreemly. He was recovering well, so it came as a huge shock to see him fit.
The only thing I can say is try and stay calm if it happens, make sure the child is in a safe place and consult proffessional asap, theres usually nothing to worry about as they are over befor you know it, but omg they are horrible to watch
This is a great post as I for one had heared of febrile seizures but hadnt given it much thought until it happened to our boy x

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Oct 31st '11

Ok so this is such a rare case.I am the oldest of 9 children and all of them are boys all of them are epileptic. I am the only girl and the only one who is not epileptic. The only thing is I had Febrile seizures. It is so rare in anyone who is over 12 that they say they don't even treat it anymore. They are unlike anyother type of seizure where for a while I kept telling the doctors I have had Febrile seizures since I was younger and they said thats impossible that I'm too old but when all the testing pointed to the fact that yes I was having seizures and yes it was only when I had a fever. Because they wont help adults with this problem all we can do is put me on seizure watch when ever I get a fever I am now 23 and havn't had one in about 3 years but then again I have gone thru etreams to make sure I don't get sick,ever. It seems to be so rare that I doubt anyone on here is an adult that has the same problem but if there is I hope this can help you know that there is other people out there and I'm sorry I havn't been able to find help but I hope you do.