Allergic Reaction to Food Proud July 08 mama 1 child; De Land, Florida 3409 posts
Feb 5th '09

Hey ladies-so I'll make this short. We found out today Seth is having a BAD allergic reaction to some new food-currently thinking its chicken. I just wanted to post a few pics so anyone else who has this happen will know what to look for.


Made In Italy ♥ 34 kids; Windsor, Ontario 17625 posts
Feb 5th '09

aw poor baby, hope he feels better soon !

Proud July 08 mama 1 child; De Land, Florida 3409 posts
Feb 5th '09

It doesnt seem to bother him at all-it drives me nuts looking at it though I feel soooo bad for him:( Hes on benadryl every 4 hours for the next 5 days-which kinda sucks cuz it makes him sleepy, but whatever it takes for him toi get better!

Kel~Coley's Momma~{BOSM} 1 child; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1843 posts
Feb 5th '09

awww....the poor lil fella :( I'm glad to hear he is ok, reactions can be very serious! The benadryl should clear him up pretty quick though, so he will be back to his normal self soon

Marcio Galante Japan 1 posts
Mar 6th '13
Hi! I have a baby and it seems that he had the same reaction. I am very worried about these because the doctors says that it is nothing to worry. Please, i would like to know how long does it remain? Sorry for my english and because i am new in this site but i would like to know how may i talk to you better. Have a nice day. Marcio Galante.