preemie bottles buh_bye Crawfordsville, Indiana 262 posts
Feb 5th '09

Ok for those of you have preemies..i need a little help...what are the best bottles to use for premature babies and where can i find them??? Where cani find preemie nipples???

momma to EzIo&LeOnel 2 kids; Nevada 1081 posts
Feb 5th '09

i would recc the dr brown premi bottles and u can find them at walmart or babies r us :)

TaraBeara 1 child; Rock Island, Illinois 1048 posts
Feb 5th '09

Dylan was born 8 weeks early and they started bottle feeding him in the NICU about 10 days before he was discharged. The nipples he had in the NICU were Enfamil Slow-Flow soft n****e. They were latex free. WE used those for a couple weeks after we got home.....but them we switched to NUK nipples and bottles and he loves them. They don't leak and they help prevent gas bubbles.

Dirty Queef Due November 11 (boy); 2 kids; Muff, Ireland 30812 posts
Feb 5th '09

Sophia was only 2 weeks early but she would get sick on regular nipples so we found preemie nipples at babies r us and we use them with the dr brown bottles, works like a charm

squishy & squirt's mum 2 kids; Hobart, Australia 16328 posts
Feb 5th '09
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Faylynn&JesselynsMomma! Due April 16 (girl); 17 kids; Pasadena, Texas 4417 posts
Feb 5th '09

Faylynn wasn't a premmie but does have a cleft.
we use the haberman bottles, because it doesn't have to make the baby suck to get the milk out.
you can get them from medco.
but they are $30 a bottle

J e s s i c a 3 kids; Sherwood, Oregon 36775 posts
Feb 5th '09

Every preemie n****e is different. Most bottle manufacturers don't know what a preemie needs. Some make the n****e with a smaller hole, so that the flow won't be enough to choke them. Other make it with a bigger hole, so that a preemie doesn't have to use their very limited energy stores. Is your preemie in the NICU? It would be best to experiment with their disposable bottle and see what works best. Then ask for recommendations from the nurses about what bottles might be comparable. They aren't supposed to promote brands, so it might be kind of hard to drag it out of them though. My personal recommendation would be the Dr. Brown's bottles as well. Both of my babies took very well to the n****e once this bottle was introduced.

Eli''s Mommy!!!! 1 child; Texas 256 posts
Feb 5th '09

my son was 12 weeks early and i used the nipples that the hospital gave me and then swiched to the platex nipples, he loves them

MotherofTwins 2 kids; New Jersey 7 posts
Feb 7th '09
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Angelina MM Connecticut 1 posts
Nov 5th '10

My baby is in the NICU and has been for almost 3 months, he was born at 26 wks 5 days. And I have been asking every nurse, and the lactation specialist and everyone has a different answer on whats the best bottle for my baby. I hear alot of different things but the one thing that is constant is that you just got to go by what your baby likes and if you have to buy every bottle under the sun to find that one perfect bottle that they like then that's what I'm going to have to do! :) He has been doing great with the bottles they have in NICU but the only last so long cause they are suppose to be disposable bottles. The NICU does give you a good supply to go home with but I dont know how much that i s or how long they'd last and you cant buy them in store so you dont want your baby getting too use to them and then taking them away. I hope I could help! :) good luck