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Feb 13th '09
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Feb 13th '09

do you have a bedtime ritual? like, a nice warm bath (with the johnson's bedtime bath), a nice massage (with johnson's bedtime lotion), feed and then maybe read him a story? i swear by the bedtime bath & lotion, it smells so good and it really has helped my son sleep...

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Nov 27th '12
Quoting Jesus Gods:" uhm, deal w/ it?? He's only 5 months. There's no reason you should be CIO right now! He's too young!"

You must have an easy sleeper? I agree that 5months is young and the CIO method may not be the best, with that said though, my 5 month ol d wont sleep either and I have attepted to let me baby settle herself on her own. She doesnt cry just CIO wont work for us. I read no cry sleep solution, tried this but it didnt work either. Some doctors say CIO is fine at 5,6 months...honestly everyone says something different. I think doing what your insticts say is best. Some of us moms are SO exhausted and have tried everything-trying to get our lo on a good sleep pattern is our goal.....its not always as simple as "dealing with it"