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Feb 2nd '09

Please try not to stress. It's not healthy.... your doc even told you the numbers don't mean much. JUST RELAX!! Your baby is doing fine:)

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Feb 2nd '09
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I am 24 weeks 5-6 weeks along my HCG was a little over 17,000. Dont base your levels upon a dr's chart or against another womans we are all different and even charts cant change that...if you have good dr visits you are FINE!

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Feb 2nd '09
Try that link - you are right on track!!!!!

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Feb 2nd '09

Lisa: I think you numbers are great! Check this out!

Assessment: The Two-Day hCG rise was 150 % and is considered adequate.
First hCG: 14 mIU/ml Second hCG: 1375 mIU/ml
hCG Difference:
1361 mIU/ml Time Difference:
240 hours Total hCG Increase:
97.21 % (98.2)
Daily Rate Increase:
58 % (1.58) Two Day Rate Increase:
150 % (2.5)
1st Day hCG As If:
22 mIU/ml 2 Days hCG As If:
35 mIU/ml

following table is a guide to what hCG levels can be during pregnancy.
For those of you who are interested, or are having hCG monitoring, here are the suggested reference ranges for a single baby pregnancy. As you can see the range of normal levels is very wide. hCG levels can be 30 to 50% higher than for a single baby pregnancy, in twin and multiple gestations.

Weeks of pregnancy
after last menstrual period Days after conception Approximate hCG levels
for single baby pregnancy (mIU/ml)
Weeks/Days after conception/Approx HCG levels
Week 3- 7 -0 to 5
Week 4 -14 (next period due) 5 to 430
Week 5 -21 -180 to 7400
Week 6 -28- 1,100 to 56,500
Weeks 7 to 8 -35 to 42 -7,600 to 230,000
Weeks 9 to 12- 49 to 70 -25,300 to 290,000
Weeks 13 to 16 -77 to 100 -14,000 to 243,000
Weeks 17 to 24 -4,000 to 165,000
Weeks 25 to birth of baby 3,200 to 90,000
4 to 6 weeks after birth Less than 5
These should be used as a guide only.
hCG levels double approximately every 48 hours during early normal pregnancy. It reaches a peak at about 10 week of gestation (since last menstrual period). At which time the average hCG levels in samples is around 60,000 mIU/ml. There is a very big variation in individual hCG concentrations. At this time, the extremes of normal levels are approximately 10,000 to 250,000 mIU/ml.

In the next 10 weeks (10 to 20 weeks of gestation), hCG levels decline, reaching a average concentration of about 15,000 mIU/ml. Again, wide variation is found among individuals, concentrations ranging from 3,000 to 90,000 mIU/ml. The hCG concentrations remains at around this level, and with this variation from this time until term (20 to 40 weeks of gestation

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I was getting on to post a thread on this! I just got my first blood work today, and it was 350. I had NO idea what that meant, but this thread has helped! I've just started my 5th week, and have another blood test on Wednesday!

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I agree, Lisa you are having a litter!

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HAHA... I couldn't help myself.

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Feb 2nd '09

at 5 weeks mine were 1400.01 ...that nurse is WRONG! im now a happy healthy 21 weeks!

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Feb 2nd '09

Thank you all so much.. (even youSandi & Krys) lol