ripe cervix marinewifew/2 2 kids; California 1177 posts
Jan 30th '09

what does it mean by your cervix is ripe? i have herd ripe means you are already dialated but is that tre. so anyonewho is dialated has a ripe cervix? or dos it mean its soft.?? im just woundering got kinda curious wiel i was reading an article

**Julianna'sMommy** 1 child; Quebec 120 posts
Jan 30th '09

Honestly i have nooooooo idea..... but ill stay posted here to find out ! sorry to be of no help :S

Kathy {30+} 5 kids; Massachusetts 8714 posts
Jan 30th '09

I always thought ripe ment soft good to dilate

ReesMom2♥MFH 2 kids; Texas 8797 posts
Jan 30th '09

I thought it meant it was soft, meaning thinning out, meaning effacing.......

Like at my last appt they said my cervix was softening and I was 50% effaced, but I am not dilated yet at all.

marinewifew/2 2 kids; California 1177 posts
Jan 30th '09

i figured i out... i found this online.

By having a ripe cervix, it means that the cervix is soft, thin, and easy to dilate. We use something called Bishop score could determine if the cervix is ripe enough for induction. It is based on cervical length, cervical consistency, cervical dilation, cervical position, and the position of the baby's head. Of Bishop score of over 6 or 7 has a very good chance of succeeding.