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Feb 16th '09
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Feb 21st '09

Here is a pic of my DH back in the day. He is a Vet and home now.
But I love him and so proud of what he did for us as a country.

I wish I had a scanner I have so many pics of him and friends out in the field.
One day I can take pics of pics lol

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Feb 23rd '09
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Feb 23rd '09

I don't have many pics of DH in uniform, but here's one of my faves:

001-1.jpgHome on his lunch hour

I love my boys so much! They're best friends already. :D

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Feb 23rd '09
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Feb 24th '09

My Baby Brother, Luke.....a 2nd Lt. in the USMC! I'm so proud of him!!!



Me w/ him at his commissioning ceremony

He and I at a concert together.....n81301559_30335132_854.jpg

He's my only sibling so we are really close. He's also my Sydney's God-Father. He's away at flight school right now. We miss him so much!

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Feb 24th '09
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Apr 22nd '09

My Partner and other Mother to our child. Air Force Vet.



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Apr 23rd '09

RIP SPC Brad Davis :(


Thank you for everything. Thank you for defending our freedom and for serving our country. You did us proud. You will be truly missed.

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May 15th '09

%3ca%20href=DSCN0094.jpg" />

My hubby and I both Air Force. A week that he got back from his deployment.

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May 15th '09

this is one of my best friends Senior Airman Bessette :)

^^^ for the ladies


and Cameron and his favorite Airforce Reservesmen

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Jul 2nd '09

Anyone who has posted here with a pic, mind if another mama make s a "movie" clip from them?

Here is her link:

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Jul 2nd '09


i love my marine

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Jul 2nd '09
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Oct 15th '09

My Best friend and my husband's cousin. U.S National Guard. SGT. Robert Wesley Tucker. After boot camp graduation.
In Iraqi
KIA 10/13/2005
The square in his hometown and mine to
l_9dff2e1628c2db3f7c2d55c6733df80d.jpgThe funeral.
His parents and friends and Unit

He was my best friend and my husband cousin. We love and miss him we named our 6 month old son after him. His godmother is SGT. Tucker mom. We love and miss you SGT. Tucker. We will meet again one day