mrs_s81 2 kids; Portland, Oregon 6 posts
Jan 31st '10

I had the same thing happen to me. I didnt know what it was until I went to the doctor for the smell and pain.The fluid pocketsdidnt leakbut got drained at the hospital. It hurt a little. One of the fluid pockets they couldnt drain without cutting me so they put me on Amoxicillin to see if that would make it go away. Its been two days now and the pain is gone but the skin is still red in that one spot and smells a little less,we'll see. Im glad Im not the only one. This didnt happen the last time I had a C-Section. The doctor told me it was nothing I did so that made me feel better, I had thought "before I found out what was wrong" that my incision was coming open or something. I never expected this. Ill find out tomorrow what happens.

GlamPixieLove 1 child; Belle Chasse, Louisiana 7 posts
Oct 25th '12

Hi there, im currently going through a very similar situation. I had my daughter August 14th within three days of bcoming home i woke up to find my gown was completly soaked through with bloody puss like fluid. And i had a small hole in the right side of my incision. called the doctor. she said it was normal. Well it ripped further and wouldnt stop gushing.... So we started packing it with idoform wound packing 2-3 times a day and i had a home health nurse and wound specialist as well coming in a packing it. Most painful thing of my life. My entire abdomen was swollen and hard like a huge knot was there. My doctor never put me on antibiotics , never ran a culture on the wound at all like an idiot. So the hole got bigger and infection was pouring out of it 24/7. I laid on my sides at night to help it drain more... So withing 4 weeks of having my daughter, the hole grew to be about the size of a silver dollar. It was 3/4 inches across and 4/5 deep with a tunnel running into that huge knot! i felt hopeless ya know,like freak of nature! everybody i spoke to had never seen anything like it. Well then a second hole busted open. roughly the size of a nickel but not very deep. My doctor then wanted to open me back up and put on a wound vac.Thank God she didnt! Now 9 weeks after my c section. the holes are finally closing up, the only thing that helped was that we stopped packing it everyday about 2 weeks ago and started using this stuff called saf gel. Its amazing but it does burn a bit when first put in. I have no more drainage now at least. But that one giant knot, over time broke down into smaller individual knots. Now i have two knots left that radiate pain with every movement. No one can seem to tell me what theyre from or what they are. Ive done MRI's,ultrasounds, etc. and still no answers as to what it is or why any of this happened. I switched doctors in the process because my previous doctor wasnt giving me proper care. I soon found out that ive had a staff infection in my wound from day one... I wish i could sue. lol. I know exactly what your going through. Its terribly hard especially having a new beautiful baby to take care of... I hope maybe my story has helped a bit. and that you get better soon. Its a long grueling proccess.