hair in baby eye. Marissa!!! 1 child; Massachusetts 341 posts
Jan 6th '09

some how my one month old got a small piece of hair in her eye, it doesnt seem to be bothering her, should i just leave it or try to get it out?

user banned Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
Jan 6th '09
Quoting Marissa!!!:
Alysa Due November 23 (boy); 1 child; Virginia 10187 posts
Jan 6th '09

just leave it, the eye will natually flush it out.....

Kountryky 2 kids; New Brunswick 388 posts
Jan 6th '09

Just flush it out with some warm water she should be fine, then just keep and eye on it, will be fine.

lindseyglover 3 kids; Texas 10810 posts
Jan 6th '09

that happened to emma and we were at the doctor and he said that it doesnt bother babies like it does adults and to NOT try to get it out you could cause harm to her little eye but it will flush out naturally...maybe rub her eye a little...its prob bugging you more than it is her lol

Loving Mami Due October 1; 1 child; Dalton, Georgia 1263 posts
Jan 7th '09

Thats really funny. I just noticed a small piece of hair in my little mans eye and it didn't seem to be bothering him at all so all I did was wipe his eye a few times to get it out of the way. I haven't seen it since.